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STEEM is now 37 cents. It has not been this low for a while. I am making a proposal to all my STEEM brothers and sisters. While it is this low we have an opportunity to improve our positions and move STEEM as well. There are fewer than 60,000 active members on STEEM. While we may have over 1,200,000 accounts, most are inactive.

My proposal is this: If the 60,000 active users buy $15 worth of STEEM, that would amount to approximately 40 STEEM per person. Multiply that times 60,000 active users and we have 2,400,000 in additional STEEM being held by the true believers. I am not sure how far it will move the price (if at all) but it is an opportunity for us to invest in ourselves. Is it really asking much for you to put $15 into STEEM? I am going to buy $100 worth of STEEM on Sunday, April 28, 2019. If everyone will join me on that day we can see just what effect we can make with collective action. This is not a pump and dump scheme. I am asking the true believers to join me on this experiment. We need to hold long term to see if we have any real effect. Looking at my wallet (no secrets on STEEM) you can see I have not sold any of my STEEM since I first got on in September 2017. Speculators and short sellers need not apply.

If you look at the time you put into STEEM with blogging, etc, just work a couple extra hours at your day job and buy $15 worth of STEEM. Come on my fellow STEEMIANS, let’s do this. April 28, 2019 everybody put $15, or more, into STEEM.


I buy at any price, up or down, cost averaging with steem and letting it build. Steem is a long term hold for me, so I am not worried about the daily price so much. Compounding is my game for sure. These are great prices, just waiting on some mining reward payouts for LTC then putting that into Steem! And we need to just gain more Steemians!

Agreed. I just thought this was such a buying opportunity I could motivate the hodlers to pull more off the table.

What is needed is more of a marketplace structure that lets people transact with steem and SBD, that way you have more moving around.

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True. The other problem is opening a Steem account and trying to buy Steem, if you have never done it before, is way too difficult for newcomers.

Exactly this, I think Steem has more to improve before going mainstream, new projects need to pop up. The learning curve is too dificult for average people that uses social media like Instagram or Facebook.

If you remember when Bitcoin was 20k usd, Steem almost touch the 8 usd, that's a huge jump in price.

Yeah the sign up process def needs some work. All of the different keys are confusing, etc. But Steemconnect really helps bridge the gap, but if people had the ability to create at least their own login password would I think change the game.

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They can, but is not a wise security advice given that you have a wallet.

Wise or not it is a barrier to entry for old people like myself. I had to get a millenial friend to get me on Steem.

Hey Logical, I noticed you are a musician. What instrument. I was a rock drummer in several garage bands since the 1980's.

I am an old sound engineer and I used to do underground electronic DJing as well as live and studio production. I played guitar back in high school until I found technics mixers and vinyl awesomeness, then DJing became life, Lol.

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That’s an great idea sir as an community if we enjoyed the pick of steem and everyone considering to sell steem than why not if it is at there lower lows then try to buy it we are community. Talking about me when steem goes below one 1 $ I started buying in parts and currently I am trying to buy more and more because I know this is not the price where steem is going to stay for a while.

Right on Summit. Now is the time for us to move. I kept the number small hoping everyone will make the effort.

Yes they should.

I've got to wait for payday on the 1st to buy some Steem, but looking to buy couple hundred on the 1st. Then I'll delegate it to multiply it.

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That's the spirit. We need to buy when we have this chance. The community gets bigger every month. At some point I believe we hit critical mass and take off.

It's all about the projects, movement and connections what gives value to the Steem economy. We can do that plus contribute in some way to one project, could be D.tube, Dsound, Dlike or any other, but choose one and start using it on a daily basis.

I hold Steem, too.

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I am able to follow you thanks to Google Translate.

Thx very much. I sometimes post in English, too :)

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I sometimes answer people in Spanish (I'm Texan) but Turkish is way too complex for my primitive brain.

Yes, it has different grammar than European languages.

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That’s an motivating blog for all steemians we should never loss our faith in steem and never miss chances like this where steem is so cheap right now I am planning to buy with more than 100$. Thanks sir for this kind of blog

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I'm with you in everything. I just bought 1500 Steems, will keep buying I don't mind the price, this is an opportunity, the community is great and the projects around it are amazing. No other blockchain is at this stage of development.

Yes sir, I am also thinking to buy worth 100 dollars. That’s an good idea

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Amazing initiative by you to strengthen the power of steem. It would definitely increase the price if everyone invests some money. Let's see what happnes tomorrow.

I hodl steem since last February 2018. I'm true believer about steem and always like to stay with your proposal. That would be better idea to promote Steem.

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On @toofasteddie's STEEM EASY CONTEST I bet that STEEM will be quoted above 0.404661 USD within five days, so I am very much in favor of the proposal!
(I'm joking about motivation, but your idea is very valid,@clayrawlings!)

A huge hug from @amico

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That is great Idea brother i am with you 100%

Regards appreciated @clayrawlings.

I admire you and I respect you!
This type of brilliant proposals are what we need to be able to emerge as a community. Focus our efforts with a common goal.

I am not an expert in the field of crypto economics. I do not know the real effects that this movement that you are considering may have on the price of the STEEM currency.

But if there is some task that manages to unite the wills of all of us with a common goal, then without a doubt we are talking about positive actions.

I m in

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I think this is a good idea!

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Thanks, Egon. Be sure to tell your friends. We all buy on Sunday! Except for tinyhouse. He is buying on the 1st.LOL. See above.

Hi! Sorry for being late...

Unfortunately at this moment I can't invest $1 much less $15. But I hope that the economic conditions will change and prosper in order to really invest in the world of crypto.


Sorry to hear that, Jadam. Hang in their, friend.

Thanks, Clay

You are welcome, friend.

Will keep buying! 👊

resteemed 😉

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Thanks, Ms. Pinay. I appreciate the resteem. Your rise to 70 was epic.

We all have to learn from @purepinay, isn't it? 😍

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Your personal proposal is well received!

Let's buy and HODL!

I join you! Hope more will.

Resteemed you’re blog @clayrawlings

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Thanks, Rajan.

Dear @clayrawlings

I just received your memo

Hi Piotr, I am trying to get the STEEM community to buy STEEM while we are down. Can you resteem my post. I am asking everyone who is an active member to buy on Sunday the 28th.

I had a pleasure to read your publication and I've a bit mixed feelings. Encouraging people to invest their money is a risky business and many can claim that those kind of initiatives are nothing more than pump and dump. And surely some people would use this action to sell their STEEM on that particular day cashing out profit and rebuing STEEM day after, once price would most likely drop again.

I know that you mentioned that it's not pump and dump scheme, but it really is. At least technically it is and also according to law and regulations.

Anyway I purchased as much as I could just few weeks ago and I wont be able to participate in your initiative at this moment.


How is it "pump and dump" when the plan is "buy and hold." I am not soliciting new investors. The people I am speaking to already hold Steem. I am pointing out we can try to make the platform more stable with our own actions by holding more. Since the amount involved is only $15 it is a trivial additional commitment. Come on Piotr, do not be so negative.

Hi @clayrawlings

How is it "pump and dump" when the plan is "buy and hold." I am not soliciting new investors.

Im really not sure how to answer this question but I will do my best.

Encouraging people to invest their resources on particular time would be considered as "pump and dump" by pretty much any authorities out there. And don't take me wrong - I'm not trying to lecture you. I'm simply sharing my opinion that it would look like a pump and dump for many people and for that reason I'm not feeling comfortable sharing your post with others.

Come on Piotr, do not be so negative.

I'm sorry if I gaved you such an impression. I'm just trying to stay away from potential trouble :)


I googled “what is pump and dump”. It involves fraudulent statements to get unwitting investors to buy and then you dump when the suckers have bought in. I am not doing any of those things. I believe your response is an over reaction. I am entreating my fellow Steem members to increase their commitment while increasing my own holdings. If it were pump and dump I would be selling after they buy in. I have no intention of selling. I have not sold any Steem for over a year and a half. I am uninterested in manipulating the price. I am trying to get people more committed to this platform. Big difference my friend.

Dear @clayrawlings

I believe your response is an over reaction.

Most likely you're right. I appreciate your mature reply and I'm myself planning to purchase more STEEM once my paycheck will come. Unfortunatelly it will happen sometime next month.

If it were pump and dump I would be selling after they buy in.

Your intentions are genuine and I know you long enough to have some basic trust. What I'm saying is that other people (who may not know neither you or me) can easily associate this initiative with pump and dump. That's just my observation which I'm sharing with you.

Again, I appreciate your mature comments. I will share your post with several good friends.


I will say one thing. You and I may disagree on this one, but neither one of us got rude or unfair. I appreciate your position. While we may not agree on this one, there are far too many things we do agree on for this to divide us. I guess this is what they call maturity, or being a grown-up. Anyway, I just made my buy on this beautiful Sunday morning. Here’s hoping Steem continues to grow and thrive..

Cheers for that @clayrawlings :)

I love the polite way you write, @crypto.piotr! 😜

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Dear @amico

I guess my parents raised me well :)

I completely agree with you! 🤗

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Agreed and resteeming for more visibility @clayrawlings

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Hey, does anyone know why Steem-Diva went to -4 on reputation. She does not deserve that. Is there anything we can do to help her?

No idea @clayrawlings :(

Thanks Steem-Diva. We are all in this together.

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