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OK, everybody. My last post encouraged all active members of Steem (all 60,000 of you) to buy 40 Steem on Sunday. Well, today (Sunday) I bought 265 Steem. I call that putting your money where your mouth is. If you bought today, put your numbers on this post. I want to hear from my fellow Steemians. Who participated? Come on people, we can do this.


Congrats Sir and to others who were able to purchase some Steem at this time!

Thanks, Straighttalk. I appreciate your continued support.

You are more than welcome Sir!

Not yet buyed but thinking to buy but due to some usdt issues I am willing to buy with p2p in India little bit wait but I will buy

Thanks, Summit. We are all in this together.

Congratulations sir, your reputation is now 60, sir why not you share journey of steemit from starting. That will be a great blog

I am publishing my third book next. Maybe a blog later. Certainly a good idea.

Sir total how many books you have written successfully upto now.

4 and working on number 5

Wow sir, that’s really nice.

Today I will buy some steam too

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Right on Rajan. We all need to be united.

We have to work only after creating a community and then we all will be able to move forward.

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Around 22... Im new, and will definitely be buying more. Still learning. I really love it so far! Way to go though brother! Appreciate ya!

Thanks, King. It was a big nothing because very few showd any interest. Maybe next time.

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Hola amigo @clayrawlings, un gran placer saludarte, creo que llegue muy tarde a esta publicación, pero seguiré pendiente desde ahora en adelante.

Un gran abrazo muy fraterno desde Venezuela

Gracias, amigo. Estoy mirando lo que pasa en Venezuela. Estas seguro?

Hoy salí a protestar a favor de la libertad amigo, desde mi punto de vista todos los venezolanos de bien y que deseamos un país libre debemos protestar.

Los delincuentes usurpadores que ocupan cargos en el gobierno comunistas nos envían sus grupos de ataque, pero fueron repelidos, ya los Venezolanos estamos muy cansado de toda la maldad que tienen estos delincuentes.

Ya estoy en mi hogar, pero la lucha por la libertad seguira.

ten cuidado mi amigo En la década de 1980 yo era un fiscal que luchaba contra las guerras de la droga. Enfrentar a los hombres con armas nunca es fácil. Estás en mis pensamientos.

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I bought 146, what a great post!

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Awesome, dude. Thanks for the commitment.