The importance of the exclusive content !

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In this post I would like to write about the importance of the exclusive content !

Some people from other platforms come to steem and write the same content that they write somewhere else. That's what was called plagiarism in case it's not owned by the creator.

But, what about the content that's owned by the creator and he/she would like to post it in a few platforms ?

That's maybe even good for the creator himself, but it's not good for the platform where it was posted the first time. It's will not be ranked higher in the web because the search engine algorithms will consider that as a spam. So, the more platforms the same content is shared in, the more it will be considered as a spam. It will be just hard to find it and the platform itself. It may even hurts the author and less people will see the content.

So, posting an exclusive content for a platform is good for both the author and the platform.

But, in case you want to reach more audiance, you can write the full content in one platform and just promote it in an other by introducing it and sharing the link to the full content in the other platform !

Professionalism is the best way to be successful !


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I hope the conserned people will understand that.

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