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RE: Steem Has 1 Million Accounts! Here's Why 100 Million Isn't Far Away!

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It's not about how many there is on Steemit, it's about how many active accounts is on Steemit. I saw someone posting that only 10-15% accounts were active on Steemit in past 7 days, so real number would be 100 000-150 000 active accounts.


Both figures are relevant, since users can return at any time. Steem Ocean shows that there is an average of around 84000 accounts voting each week.

10% is showing that most of users quit for good and that Steemit design is not working for most of people. Don't want to say it's all about how Steemit is set up, but that is key factor probably.

I am guessing that many accounts are created by existing users for various reasons (I have at least 5 and only use 1). Going by the fact that a high percentage of traffic on FB and Pootube are basically mindless trolls, it is likely that the reputation system has caused a high percentage of users to just leave because they can't keep up with the 'proof of brain' requirements (no-one is really wanting to upvote trolls here much). I'm sure you are right that a lot of people also just don't like steemit - I left too but returned because I like a challenge!

Lot of reasons Steemit is way it is. I think you know pretty much them all.

I'm gonna re-activate my posting on Steemit. Last few days I'm researching deeply Oliver Castle crop circle video (famous one with 3 balls of light). I'm still on the fence is it real. I contacted today Colin Andrews, crop circle researcher since 80's. Will see his opinion.

Anyway, I would write a lot of those kind of articles here, but I have little fear that article will be lost in sea of new posts. After few of those unnoticed articles, it's easy to give up from Steemit. That is reason most of people who are willing to make effort to write in depth articles give up after few unnoticed articles. Steemit is very unorganized, newcomers don't have support and they are depended on luck if some whale notice their article. That is not way Steemit gonna keep platform active with quality content.

If Steemit don't change some things, there will be always less then 10% active accounts. Maybe Hivemind or SMT will change some things. Saw @v4vapid started his initiative. Some good things coming, we will see how will that all go...

I suggest connecting with @tribesteemup - they are upvoting anarchy/peace/evolution content and have some good support for that.

Ok, thanks! If I was newcomer there is no way I could know about @tribesteemup or anyone who can give me support here. Very poor organization.

Well, that's anarchy! lol
I think tribesteemup has only very recently gained momentum, I only learned about it a few days ago.