What is happening with Price of Steem? 🤔

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Steem has just made it's biggest intra-day gains of 2020, and is now back at top 40 coins on CoinGecko.com!


215% in 24 hours and the numbers keep going? Whats happening here!

Even the daily chart looks insane, talk about a hockey stick growth!


Are people buying Steem in anticipation of the Hive Chain Split?

Are you selling your Steem?

We wanna know your thoughts!


While i 100% support the exodus to Hive, i have sold my Steem and powering down to sell more. 1000HP wont be alot of voting power but my time spent there to post stuff will certainly be worth it.

See you there! We'll be spending some of our time on Hive too!

See you there! I myself don't know how to juggle my time on both sides so all the best to you!

I love the logo lol.

people trying to get more hive?

Am I the only one who noticed that your avatar has changed 😂

hehe.. sharp eye.

Fear of corona 😁

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If you check out where the volume cones from, it's all Corea... I think that Justin Sun and the Koreans will move the war over to the Hive.

Well, according to our data at https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/steem#markets, Upbit dominates more than 50% of the trading volume of Steem, so there might be merit to your reasoning.


However, Isn't the Chain Split specifically designed to prevent him from going there? At least that is according to our understanding.

Yep. All the volume is coming from Korea. Regular Steemians make up 1% or 2% of all the volume. This doesn't smell very well to me.

Seems people buying steem to get hive airdrop 😀

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The possibility of outsiders wanting to get in on Hive is very positive for the upcoming Hive launch itself!

Justin and everyone who heard about the HF are probably getting ready for the airdrop by Saturday it should be at 10 cents again

we wonder how does readying for the HF increase the price though?

I believe that the hype is generated due to the amount people earned when ETH and BTC had their BCH and ETC hard forks with a 1 to 1 and people made crazy money so its assumed any hard fork would do the same

I would expect less. Both coins could drop very low in this terrible economic climate.

Because of airdrop all want to hold steem

the power of airdrops!

Could it be Justin Sun to hedge against an expected STEEM dump after the Hive lauch?

Hedging by moving tokens to exchanges to receive the airdrop? We can't confirm for sure if it's the case.

Yeah,that’s what I meant.

But a few days ago I met a whale who wrote in his introductory post that reading about the Justin Sun draama had made hom curious. He did his resesrch and bought millions STEEM.

Many want the new HIVE token and not all of us wanted to sell STEEM because of that so if difficult to sell STEEM, less HIVE. Community is powerful

Makes sense, investors who wants the most Hive token would not have sold their steem in the meantime.

Justin is buying an equivalent amount of steem in other names, to have same control in hive 😀

that would be counter-intuitive to the goal of Hive chain split isnt it?

Yes, it is but we never know what Justin is cooking.

I honestly doubt that. He's not stupid. He knows the community can fork indefinitely and he can't buy up tokens indefinitely. In that game of attrition he could never win and it would not be hard for him to see that.

Now, it is possible that he is accumulating so that he can get enough Hive tokens to devastate Hive's economy by performing massive dumping. That would be effective economy warfare, but if he is accumulating its not to take control of Hive because that game can't be won.

Then we will split blockchain another time.

Could be due to Hive-hype. Lots of people ( or just a few whales, soon to be called queen-bees ;^) ) want to get their hands on as much HYPE coin as possible, but they may fear that it'll be hard to acquire through exchanges. So, a work-around would be to buy as much STEEM now in order to get the 1:1 airdrop. Kinda like a loophole to avoid waiting for exchange listings.

By the way, here's a question for you guys: *I noticed there is already a coin called HIVE. Does this cause a probable for listing sites such as yourself? Having two coins with the same name / ticker could be wonky to work with, right? I've always been curious whether or not cryptos had to come up with unique & original ticker symbols.

Hype about Hive have something to do with for sure. While for me, I'm staying neutral until the HF. I'm keeping everything as per usual, not buying nor selling.

Thanks for the update @coingecko!

It all coincided with some decent gains for BTC as well. The entire market is going up as well. We are going up even faster. When I came in STEEM was still a lot more expensive. This isn't time to sell (unless you are a swing trader)

Don't forget to add Hive 😉



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