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Don't Get bamboozled again!

STEEM will go back to 10 cents, as per usual! lol

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Why is STEEM gonna go down??

Because of Justin Sun's Hoards, his greed, plus the unlimited supply! Once it's built up properly, he will domp eeet!
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I do like this new steemit front end post editor though.

I do think the Steemit devs are doing a great job,
However STEEM still is STEEM! Too bad STEEM didn't have a limited supply like POB (Proof of Brain) For more about Proof of Brain visit:

POB to the moon instead of STEEM!

If you are on steem, I suggest you come over to Proof of Brain and check it out!
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Also STEEMIT still has this glitch on the front end on Safari on my NEW MAC even!!

You see when I scroll down, the whole navigation bar does too, and it's totally annoying!!

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I think it's trying to hold $1.