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RE: “Steemit joining the Tron Ecosystem” - What it means

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I have no interest in Tron, and will not be part of this move.

Neither do I, now I'm kind of in a dilemma: I want to continue using Steem, but I don't want to do it on Tron. Even Justin himself admits that it is a shitcoin:

Drunks and kids always tell the truth!


Maybe some of the hardcore steemians who didn’t fall for all the used car salesmen tactics happening lately will stay and build on Steem.

Apps like steempeak etc allow you to use the Steem chain that aren’t Steemit.. their are hundreds of them. Technically the chain will still exist

Tron could feasibly kill the current chain off if it chooses to. If token “swap” truly means swap, then every person who moves over to TronSteem will add to Tron’s governance stake on the original chain. And I don’t trust Tron not to use their stake to elect their own witnesses. It won’t take much for Steem to become fully Tron controlled even on the “classic” chain.

Tron can be stopped. People have taken snapshots of the steem blockchain and new steem could be issued using that. That new steem couldn't be swapped for the Tron token, unless they want to pay us twice :) The question is, can we survive without Steemit and Tron? I think it could work but it wouldn't be easy.

Technically yes, but I think that Steem will lose a lot of its users and traction and slowly fade into obscurity. Even with STINC fully supporting the chain there was a clear downtrend last year. Being alone on a social platform isn't much fun, just look at Diaspora.

Another crypto bull run could change that. I think part of the problem was that STINC always over promised and delivered very little.

I was also thinking that, however it is likely that Steem (the "classic" one) runs out of users and general interest before that happens.

Over promising and under delivering is also something that Tron is very good at.

It might depend on what some of the popular apps want to do? If they stick to Steem Classic and we get communities, I think it will be popular. If they all go, it will be tumbleweed.

I'm a little less optimistic about this: Tron has a lot of funds and is good at marketing, I think that they will use this to attract a lot of developers and users.

"Steem Classic" on the other hand grew more "organically", which is in general good, but in the last 18 months or so, it also lost active users organically.

In general, I think that the tumbleweed scenario is more likely to happen, but I'm happy if I'm wrong with this prediction.