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RE: The Steem News @ 15 February 2020 - Tron & Steem - Livestream & Witness Forum Summary of Discussions

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Hi! Clearly I will have to come back here after I have a bit of a think and leave a comprehensive comment, because the one part of one sentence you culled from the live talk is quite cutesy, and quite misleading on my overall stance. I know that that wasn't your intention, but that's how it's come across, so it will be on me to better clarify. That whole 'lost in translation via the news' thing that's happening with Tron isn't limited to Tron.


Hi Crimmie, I debated whether to include it, but ookie is such a lovely word - it was too good to leave out 😀

When the recording comes out I can add more context. But in the meantime feel to drop a line that you would to see there instead and I will edit in.