My STEEMIT Account is worth $2,418,629,388.06 (That's $2 Billion 418.6 Million Dollars)steemCreated with Sketch.

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So, to my surprise I looked over at my Steemit Bank Account here on the Board. I was expecting a lower number, but to my pleasure and dismay my account was quite full. I wasn't expecting to have around $2.5 BILLION dollars in there for sure. At least that is what says my estimated Steemit Account is worth. I decided to do the only reasonable thing and see if I could power up. Haha. Well, my Steem that I have in my account doesn't seem to add up with the total value of my account. Darn. Better luck next time I suppose. Here are the pictures that I took of my account. Cheers.

(image from google imaging under the subject: Spak). I added the word Steemit



Both computer screen images taken by me, @crowe on Steemit.


This is general bug they have in the system....

I sure did get a laugh out of it. Cheers.

It's just a ruse so you don't try to get on the life boat with the founders of the system. They want you to go down with the ship while they sail away & count their millions.

I'm sure that number represents the number of posts about Steemit since the site opened:D Ah, well...that water sure is nice to gaze in!

haha. There may be some truth here.

It's just a projection of where your account will be in 2 years.