Losing interest in Steem

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We live in a world of rapid change, constantly being introduced to new innovations and technology. The quick pace of development has made us use to and expectant of constant improvements. We want more for less and expect better quality.

With much of the world shut down, I thought we would be seeing drastic improvements with STEEM, yet nothing significant is happening. There were a few exchange listings for the hive fork and some developers act as if it is a major achievement but this was only done for the profits of the exchanges -besides STEEM already had these listings.

I am using this boost to sell my STEEM/HIVE as quickly as possible and have sold more than half of it. Luckily for sellers, the recent fork and exchange listings have put many of us well into the green. Now is a great time to exit one's position. We haven't seen anything like this since 2017.


Could it be that I am just bored as most of my inspiration is lost being stuck inside? Not at all, recent market volatility and a stock market crash imply there are better places to invest. I have been spending most of my time analyzing stocks. A few hours spent researching is much more lucrative than blogging. Market conditions are the biggest reason for my lack of interest in HIVE or STEEM

Most of the Steem/HIVE Rewards are going to the same accounts. It does not matter that Steemit Inc. is not benefiting from HIVE, we have new masters now. Those that split the chain and the whales are entitled to most of the rewards. Everyone else is an unworthy number collecting dust. Whenever I get into an argument on the HIVE discord, some witness or programmer basically says they rule over all things HIVE so #$%@ off. HIVE has terrible customer service.

In the stock market, dividends are divided equally, on STEEM, it is all about who you know. The wealthy vote for other wealthy people, they support proposals to develop wallets, the DAO is completely and utterly broken. It is solely an excuse to take more rewards from users. Let's spend 1000s of rewards per day to make better wallets! It appears as if that is all they are doing. Major witnesses and whales can pay their own server costs, they are making 100s of hive per day.

Whether it is Steemit Inc. or a group of HIVE witnesses, whales and their friends making all the money, I don't really care because it isn't me. This is going nowhere fast and we will probably never see the $ value highs of last week ever again.



...there are better places to invest.

Hope you mean only an investment in time.

Most of the Steem/HIVE Rewards are going to the same accounts.


The same circle jerk that's been going on for almost 4 years now.

Save a little love for XMR would be my non-financial advice. 😎

Time and hobby money bought most of my Steem for less than 20 cents, so it was certainly better than sitting on most cryptos, however, it is time to sell. I'm Canadian too, so putting some funds in crypto (US denominated) didn't hit me as hard as it would have as buying many Canadian stocks. My advice to anyone is not to ever put more than 5-10% of one's liquid net worth into cryptocurrencies. This stuff is all heavily manipulated

Hi @crypticat please don't give up on us yet. The party is about to start again in steem. STEEM on! 😊

I sincerely hope you are right!

you can still earn steem delegate your idle SP on dlease.io I put a request for delegation there with 15%APR who know steem get better someday, you still have your steem here, don't kill the goose laying an egg for you. Good day :)

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