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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

in #steem6 months ago

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with me @carlos84

Appreciate it greatly,

In the case of a strong vote on the part of ph-fund, I believe that your strategy is genuine, since many will want to opt for that strong vote

I'm glad PH members seem to be supportive towards "no power down" policy as a requirement to be receiving extra upvotes from our curation trail

Surely I don't want to continue brining more rewards to community and watch them all being dumped on the market, creating more selling pressure and actually lowering value of my own resources. Right?

Yours, Piotr


It is very clear to understand this position, it is like a cycle, that is to say if we keep our steem power off we are going to be contributing a voting power in the cure route of ph-fund and the hope project, and in that way you can see the return of the investment fruits of the project.

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