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Dear @clayrawlings

I just received your memo

Hi Piotr, I am trying to get the STEEM community to buy STEEM while we are down. Can you resteem my post. I am asking everyone who is an active member to buy on Sunday the 28th.

I had a pleasure to read your publication and I've a bit mixed feelings. Encouraging people to invest their money is a risky business and many can claim that those kind of initiatives are nothing more than pump and dump. And surely some people would use this action to sell their STEEM on that particular day cashing out profit and rebuing STEEM day after, once price would most likely drop again.

I know that you mentioned that it's not pump and dump scheme, but it really is. At least technically it is and also according to law and regulations.

Anyway I purchased as much as I could just few weeks ago and I wont be able to participate in your initiative at this moment.



How is it "pump and dump" when the plan is "buy and hold." I am not soliciting new investors. The people I am speaking to already hold Steem. I am pointing out we can try to make the platform more stable with our own actions by holding more. Since the amount involved is only $15 it is a trivial additional commitment. Come on Piotr, do not be so negative.

Hi @clayrawlings

How is it "pump and dump" when the plan is "buy and hold." I am not soliciting new investors.

Im really not sure how to answer this question but I will do my best.

Encouraging people to invest their resources on particular time would be considered as "pump and dump" by pretty much any authorities out there. And don't take me wrong - I'm not trying to lecture you. I'm simply sharing my opinion that it would look like a pump and dump for many people and for that reason I'm not feeling comfortable sharing your post with others.

Come on Piotr, do not be so negative.

I'm sorry if I gaved you such an impression. I'm just trying to stay away from potential trouble :)


I googled “what is pump and dump”. It involves fraudulent statements to get unwitting investors to buy and then you dump when the suckers have bought in. I am not doing any of those things. I believe your response is an over reaction. I am entreating my fellow Steem members to increase their commitment while increasing my own holdings. If it were pump and dump I would be selling after they buy in. I have no intention of selling. I have not sold any Steem for over a year and a half. I am uninterested in manipulating the price. I am trying to get people more committed to this platform. Big difference my friend.

Dear @clayrawlings

I believe your response is an over reaction.

Most likely you're right. I appreciate your mature reply and I'm myself planning to purchase more STEEM once my paycheck will come. Unfortunatelly it will happen sometime next month.

If it were pump and dump I would be selling after they buy in.

Your intentions are genuine and I know you long enough to have some basic trust. What I'm saying is that other people (who may not know neither you or me) can easily associate this initiative with pump and dump. That's just my observation which I'm sharing with you.

Again, I appreciate your mature comments. I will share your post with several good friends.


I will say one thing. You and I may disagree on this one, but neither one of us got rude or unfair. I appreciate your position. While we may not agree on this one, there are far too many things we do agree on for this to divide us. I guess this is what they call maturity, or being a grown-up. Anyway, I just made my buy on this beautiful Sunday morning. Here’s hoping Steem continues to grow and thrive..

Cheers for that @clayrawlings :)

I love the polite way you write, @crypto.piotr! 😜

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Dear @amico

I guess my parents raised me well :)

I completely agree with you! 🤗

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