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RE: My Thoughts on The Platform Right Now

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us @shadowspub

Well people got discouraged, quit, argued about how the platform was being operated, what was fair, what wasn’t fair. Flag wars broke out, finger pointing between groups took place. Sound familiar?

Unfortunatelly when things go wrong we tend to complain and point fingers. Hoping that some magic will happend and all this "blame game" will fix the problem.

I noticed also that many people in their relationships are doing exactly the same. Switching on into mode: "I will make you feel guilty". It's not fixing anything but somehow most people seem to be feeling satisfied.

I could never understand that. Perhaps because Im goal orientated person and if something doesnt serve my goal, then it's pointless. And complaining doesnt seem to serve any goal at all.

What people should do in the first place is: study history of dotcom bubble. It burst the way current bubble did, when goverments decided that this market is just to big to stay unregulated.

Out of that heavy crash several businesses came out. Most died. But technology stayed. And surely most people lost their money at that time (and we've losing them now) but it's not going to change the fact, that world is going to move forward regardless if we're unhappy or not.

It's hard. I know it. I cant blame those who cannot take it any more and are pulling out saving whatever they still have out of their initial investments.

great piece of writing buddy


Thank you @piotr ... that old saying "the creme rises to the top" tends to ring true. Those who stay will gain in the long run.

Seems to be human nature to find fault and play the 'blame game', especially when the situation is out of their control. I guess it gives them a sense of doing something.

Glad to see you drop by.

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