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RE: [POLL] I want to invest more into the Larimer Universe. Which coin should I choose? --> STEEM vs EOS vs bitShares

in #steem4 years ago

Definitely go with EOS. According to Dan it will have a native DEX similar to BTS and it's speculated a native social network similar to Steem.


So basically you are saying, that STEEM soon will be useless and lose its value?

Not necessarily but a lot of the people who've been big Steem and BTS users are also really into EOS. I'd be more concerned about BTS people leaving and using the EOS dex. Dan has confirmed in the EOS Telegram channel that EOS will have a dex. The EOS distribution of tokens is wider than BTS so I assume the EOS dex will have more users and liquidity than BTS. That's just my opinion though don't take that as gospel.

I was already building an altar in your name!^^ Thanks for your input!

Furthermore I've also tried using BTS and found it quite confusing. I've also seen low liquidity and wide spreads. If EOS dex has a better user interface and tighter spreads I definitely plan on using it since EOS is my largest holding.