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There is so much going on in Steem that I've lost track of all the awesome projects and development people are working on.

I'm looking to follow and upvote projects/app/community

Please, in the comment below:

1- Tell me about your project (or a project you are involved in)
2- Why do you think it matters
3- How is your project contributing to increase the value of the steem blockchain

The most interesting project(s) might get an autovote and a follow from me.


As you can visit my profile you will see i have investigate some thing which is not god for steemit and this is a complete scamming on the site i need a community which help me against the spam so if you can help in any way to build a community we will bring more peace and earning on steemit to all user many user are disappointing and they are not getting the hard work worth .

I need a group which help me an support me against these scammers who harm reward pool.

if you are agree i can start work on the project i know many people who are doing wrong things here ,@cryptoctopus

@cryptoctopus Thank you very much for your consideration and everything you do.
@cryptohustlin Look forward to working with you and many other in the LA area.


hey Renaud,

I don't have a particular project, however just posted a fairly large-scale idea for Steem's development that could use some assistance in sharing with others higher up on the food chain here who might be in a position to implement (parts of) it:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

IF this sounds like something you feel would be of benefit to further the discussion on, it'd be much appreciated if you could help pass this on to anyone in positions of influence who might be able to do something with/about it.

cheers, mate. and Happy New Year! 🙏


That is pretty cool mate!

hopefully some seeds in there get picked up and carried off to sprout in some future plans that'd be of such benefit to the community... :-)

Thanks @cryptoctopus for this wonderful opportunity.
The project I would love to introduce is @africaunchained project. It is not my project but I'm a pioneer member of the project. The creator and custodian of the project is @destinysaid.

On africaunchained our main aim is to help every african man or woman have a say. To help africans out of the bondage of poverty, making them realise that they can do better on their own without any assistance from their governments or elites. Teaching them to be self dependent and building their homes and feeding their families without waiting for the government. The blockchain is a wonderful place to be in and we want every African to be a part of it. Helping our various communities using the blockchain technology and introducing our various businesses into the blockchain. This in turn brings development to ourselves and the community at large.

Based on this, we have started sharing the goodnews about the steem blockchain to every african using entertainment and meet-ups to increase the growth of the African community on steemit.

To increase our outreach Steemit Campus Invasion(SCI) was introduced by the founder @destinysaid. The Steemit Campus Invasion is aimed at spreading the goodnews of steemit to students from different campuses in Africa, to help them get full view of what the blockchain community has to offer and how lives can be changed. Also, helping them gain assurance of a better future, without relying on the government for assistance. Entertainment such as music performance,drinks and food are some of the major things to spices up the invasion.

This year the invasion will span across various tertiary institutions in Nigeria, Africa. The first Invasion already took place on 3rd February, 2018 at federal polythenic, Otefe, Delta, Nigeria and the turn out was massive. Other campuses will be visited soon to spread the good news.

With all these been done and said, we hope to bring alot of people into the steemit community making the community bigger and better. Already alot of Africans have been incorporated into steemit through the Africaunchained project.

We are hopeful that you will look into our project/community and show your support, because we need all the support we can get to make the project a complete success. Thanks once again.

Am also a prioneer members of africaunchained project, am a living witness of the great work been done by this society, I know we can't do it alone without having the required support. We all hope we can get the require support in moving this great project forward

We are Africans

In a post waaaaay down lower, I’d said that I for one was excited that @crypoctopus was hosting this invitation so,that I could also see what people are doing with Steem and the Blockchain. What an amazing thing you are doing and your vision is exciting as all get out. I’m now following @africaunchained! Thank you so much for sharing your work and I look forward to seeing all the lives you will change because of your efforts. Peace and blessings in your work!

Am also a member of the Africaunchained community, the community has been going here and there to help all Africans on Steemit to break the bondage of poverty in the society and to give all African youths access to financial power.

I happen to be a member of @africaunchained and i must confess, the members and founder have really thought me a lot especially in the field of selfless service to africans.

I as well am a pioneer member of @africaunchained and we will do so much better with your upvote and support. Africa is one of the various continents where people have a certain idea about how things should be, and how people should behave.

With the help of your support, @africaunchained would be able to create a united front for the whole of Africa, where everyone can have their say. Thank you for this novel idea and even if we are not selected,I
believe it's the thought that counts.

yes I speak and stand for @africaunchained the number Africa community bringing all Africa under one umbrella and bring uniformity by giving everyone the right to make their voice count.

Also a member of the @africaunchained project, I can boldly talk of the dedication of every member and the society, but like any other thing in life, we need support

I'm a proud member of the africaunchained project and being there is the best thing that has ever happened to me since I joined steemit. There's so much love and oneness, I've met people there who have been of great assistance to me. This this society has something very big in stock to offer to humanity and I strongly believe with the support from everyone the aspirations of this great project will be achieved.

Dearest @cryptoctupus
@horblende has stated everything @africaunchianed stands for, thanks to @destinysaid.

The community led to my entry into Steemit, and since then, they have been family. @africaunchained, to me is more than a project or community. It is a family stretching across Africa and bringing Africans to make use of the steem blockchain and spreading love.

We believe with time, this project (family) will bring about great movement in Africa, thereby moving the decentralised evolution into every nook and cranny in Africa. And indeed, African will be unchained from the clutches of dependency, corruption, poverty and governments.

I hope you do take a look into this project and support us.


Hey @cryptoctopus

This was the best way that We have found to introduce You to the @dtubedaily community.

As Dtubers the only possible way that we have to express what is our community all about, what are our goals and what are the differences we want to make in the community is in video Format. I would like to invite You to watch it:


In the name of the @dtubedaily community I want to say thank You for taking the time to check our project and also thank You for creating more opportunities to everyone and helping so much building up the Steem Community.

Have an amazing day and I hope You have enjoyed.

I think each person who is a part of the #dtubedaily community can happily express how much us all coming together has made such a positive impact. Not just in regards to success on the platform but in our own and personal lives. We push each other to grow, to work through fears, to try something new, and to refine our skills. It has become a safe space for us all to explore our potentials and to have the support of others regardless of what it is we are passionate about and want to add to the platform. The beautiful thing that I find through the use of video as a medium is that you experience a deeper sense of an individual. There is emotion and vulnerability, humour and comedy, advice and help, and all presented in a tangible and relatable way. This is what has allowed our members to connect on a more personal level and really establish our family community. We are also very active in bringing new members on because in the long term community is what helps us all move forward together.

@dtubedaily and everyone involved has become a huge pact of my life and I am endlessly grateful every day to be a part of it. 💛

Thanks for consideration of the @dtubedaily community. I think you'll see a group of folks working hard to provide value to the platform with content geared towards quality and improvement.

Can’t underline enough how valuable this #DTubeDaily community of brilliant oddballs has been in my growth here, and in general!

#dtubedaily made the difference for me - I may have quit without it. Now I'm part of a great community of like-minded and awesome creators 🙏🏿

Please support us, we're a young group of video creators and we're here for the longrun here on Steemit

so desperados.. xD

Thank you @sergiomendes for representing our group on this contest! @dtubedaily is our baby and we are working very hard to create something wonderful within DTube!

I am a total noob to crypto, but I have been an active social media user and creator for some time now. When I learned about steemit, it seemed like the perfect intersection for my old interest and my newly forming one (crypto). I got on the platform, and dtube was the natural place for me. There were not many users in the beginning and I had a bunch of old vlogs that I had created but not done anything with. I was overwhelmed with all teh new information one must digest to understand steemit in its totality, so I watched a bunch of videos to learn and kept seeing some familiar faces. I soon realized they all used teh tag #dtubedaily, and I kind of invited myself into the group and started adopting the tag before knowing really what it was or what it meant to those using it. Whereas a lot of communities would have been turned off by this, the #dtubedaily community thought my poorly filmed vlogs showed promise (im gasing myself up here) but more importantly, they saw that I cared about the platform as much as they did. Instead of being elitist and rude towards a noob for not knowing what he was doing, they invited me to be a part of their group. I attended my first virtual meetup withthe gang last Saturday, and teh expereince was nothing short of amazing. Everyone has been friedly, supportive, and helpful. This is truly a group that embodies the ethos of Steemit (in my opinion). A group of dedicated steemians, and also just a really fucking dope group of misfits from all around the world spreading the dtube and steemit love. Very deserving cohort (in my humble opinion).

We are working hard to be an example to other communities and for ourselves. Up-till now it works great! And we see that our effort is being seen. Hope you will pass by our #dtubedaily channel to say "Hello" and check some interesting content from our DD's!

@Dtubedaily community has definitely been working on supporting each and growing together as a family and we are looking to help all of the talented and dedicated dtubers and join and make it possible for them to achieve their goals because as a group and community, we are always stronger!

The #DtubeDaily community is one of a kind!

We have built such an amazing community of like minded Dtubers, we support one and other and have helped each other one way or another in progressing on the platform and as people. #dtubedaily means so much more than a community it is more like a family and we would love to help move this family to the next stage

I honestly don't know what I would do without #dtubedaily. Content creating can be a lonely life sometimes. But with these amazing young hustlers, I feel at home and feel the sense of community :)

I agree that the @dtubedaily community is the most positive fun filling community currently out here on steemit. We all see each other as family which is why we always help each gathering new ideas to benefit others in order to find happiness and success. Without @dtubedaily I may have also 'quit' as @adetorrent has said as I would have been in a loophole of confusion and procrastination about this whole platform. However, because of this community, I was able to get my questions answered, have weekly meetups understand more about this platform, and the amazing people within it!

Thank you @sergiomendes for introducing our family @dtubedaily to @cryptoctopus. Dtubedaily is a project of many projects. It's a community inside #steem community that put's people together to really think together about anything. So if 1 of us has an idea then we can all help and make it happen. If one of us has a project then all of us help with that project. We also help #minnows as much as possible. Teach them about @steem, @dtube, @dsound, @dlive, @dmania, @utopian.io, @steemshot and @busy.org. So Dtubedaily is not only about #vlogs and making video's...it's anything you want to do. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed in us :)

Sounds like an amazing project. I'd also love to see @dtubedaily supported! It's real people and real stories coming together to create an amazing community.

Much Love,

Thank you @sergiomendes for promoting @dtubedaily to @cryptoctopus. This community really brings content creators to grow, learn, and positively challenge each other to bring out the best content on the steem blockchain. Although we are not refined in cinematography, the passion and dedication we put towards dtube and all the other major platforms really shows. Over time, everyone's skills will continue to sharpen and in doing so, we will continue to grow and elevate the quality of this platform. We all believe in the platform's potential and want to help it grow not only with our content but also curate other original content in order to diversify the platform for all viewers and creators to be inspired.

Thank you for checking out our comments and we really hope you consider our community!

@dtubedaily is where it's at hands down. I felt extremely welcome and inspired from the moment I joined the community. They're currently working with @utopian-io developers to create a d.tube daily platform! Check out their channel to learn more about whose involved.

Guys You know I Love You all with my heart and I am so happy to be working together with all of You to make from this place an amazing place that we can call home. :D

I’m planning on starting a project towards the poor people in Paksitan . I wanted to be able to at least get a bag of rice and wheat for their family . There are so many poor neighborhoods around me and I’m going back in March. I wanted to be able to feed a few families but I feel like no one wants to support the project

@joureyoflife And @cryptoctopus i am glad to see this here i am from pakistan also we have so muc poor people who need real care and they are financially very weak we will be glad if we make a comunity on steemit to help people all around the world If you are agree with me ,

I Need To Start A project!

Project will be working on daily bases on weekly base for that we need a discord server or any other group some members who will help upvote on a post which will be only for helping needy people and the money it makes will be distributed along with a video proof in hospitals here . As here people die with small operation that they dont have any money for it even they dont have 10 dollars for a treatment i wish if we start a very real help along with a video proof i will provide when they help is distributed over then needy people and we will make them smile i will be really happy. its my dream of life


Noble project ^^.

There is No greater Injustice than Violence against Women and Girls.

That's a great idea @journeyoflife! I believe I have what is the beginnings of an idea that will help all poor people around the world earn an honest living through the, as yet, untapped power of the Blockchain.

I would love to hear your feedback on my idea as I think your goals are truly noble and they align with mine. I truly think we can make the world a better place. One in which you won't have to discretely put forth the effort to bring rice and wheat to your community in Pakistan, but one where, by the good graces of their actions, they could earn a living wage there (or anywhere for that matter) and we could at the same time promote positive human universal values such as honesty, hard work, community, and kindness!!

I would truly appreciate if you could check out my post here, as our interests certainly align, and I think we can do much, much more than rice and wheat. Your efforts in the short term will certainly be more noticeable, but I think that if we apply the technology in a truly creative and innovative way, then we can bring lasting change to societies world wide.

Here is the link to my comment on this post that explains the idea a little more, and in it there are more links to videos I've made and other posts. Thank you so much in advance if you find the time to provide me some of your feedback. It would be a pleasure to get to work with you and many others on this truly noble cause.

I agree with you, I Would love to do that. A few years ago we did something very similar to that in Egypt. we feed about 146 families in a small village and it was very pleasant. I think everyone should contribute and it does not have to be money but even with ideaes to help the poor or a simble prayer as well can go a long the way.

I want to help the poor people of my state, so that everyone should be able to get the basic necessities of life. Noone should die of hunger etc. I wish to achieve that someday.

No here in kashmir....we do help alot...and i guess helping each other is so common here that it doesnt feel like they are on project ...they do it by heart....& I feel proud to be living among them....#kashmiri

Most minnows get discouraged by their experience on this platform by their first two weeks payout. This makes them want to withdraw.

Some do not know how to go about activities on the steemit platform. Thus, I am offering a 5SBD give away to minnows to mark my 30 days on this platform.

The rules were crafted in a way that it will prompt minnows to interact and socialize with other users of this platform to solicit for supports. 7 Minnows stand a chance to benefit from the give away.

This will encourage activities on this platform and give minnows reasons to remain devoted to the community who may in future become great influencers on the steem blockchain.

Check the response to this give away via the link below. The post was promoted too. Remember I am a minnow too. Just 30 days too on this platform.


@bearone did a great post last night on some geographical based communities that are getting started and need some support on Steemit. They are all looking to grow the platform, train new users, and help to increase retention here on Steemit.

These communities help to prevent posts from members getting lost in all the hustle and bustle that is Steemit and help discourage spam or bad posts by rewarding the good posts of those in the communities.

As these communities continue to grow and spread it will help to increase retention on Steemit and thus help retain great talent in content and growing apps that are critical to maintaining and growing this platform.

hello and thanks for posting up the post by @bearone - it points me into some information that has had me wondering a bit over the past couple days since joining Steemit. It seems that there are a couple deeply held competing visions of how "value" might be created and sustained on the platform. I'm finding myself leaning towards it being a function of the strength of the community (new users, sustaining existing user base, helping people know their contribution matters to the long term health of the project), where it seems others as best I can figure it out are concerned with the strength of Steem as a currency. I suspect it's kind of a "both / and" to some measure but feel like I needed to get more deeply exposed to what the reasoning is for each. You've allowed me to stumble upon where to begin.

As for the communities you describe, this seems to be one of the most important things I can imagine. As someone just starting out, it is REALLY hard to get your post to pop up out of the clutter for someone to even notice it, let alone decide it may be worth the recognition of an upvote. I've begun taking notice of these kinds of communities and feel like this is the next step in my "homework list" to begin learning from their wisdom and improving how better to contribute to everyone's benefit to the degree I can.

I for one appreciate the pointer for where next to look. Thanks!

Hi there @cryptoctopus, here's my project pitch:

Today I started a new account, called @thunderclap that we will use as a community account to build a team of people that will invite many Steemians in this community to participate in Thunderclaps to promote Steem (and in the future possibly other blockchains as well). All Thunderclaps will be aimed towards the benefit of the Steem community, making messages have great impact by touching huge social reach (1 Milllion and higher per Thunderclap).

I'm currently discussing with ADSactly to become a part of their ecosystem, also I'm in touch with Aggroed from PAL.


Also, the Thunderclap 2nd edition has almost passed the 500K social reach mark, so we are looking forward to yet another great Thunderclap:

Check it out here:

So, i have some projects in my mind:

The first one is to create a history log, while playing the game Crusader Kings 2, trying to elevate the House Steem to the biggest house on the history (in game).
Its a project that aims to draw in some gamers, specially those that like games that kind of works as a frame to create stories (another one like it would be The Sims, and Dwarf Fortress another famous one).
This can bring a lot of attention to steemit, and hopefully some new participants that could share some interesting stories of their fictional world.
Here is the beginning of the project

My second project is still on the paper, but it involves on creating a community similar to what @minnowsupport do, but aimed to help the Portuguese speaker community.

I started part of this project by writing guides for the Portuguese speaker users. Here is the latest part

That's a really cool idea!! Very creative to incorporate the gaming aspect to try gain more support for Steemit!

I've thought of a similar idea before for advertising my Android application whereby we pay for a set of Xbox live gamertags and allow the community to play whatever games they want with the gamertags so long as they bring in X number of Likes on the Facebook page or Follows on Twitter, etc.

It's a win-win for everyone! People don't have to pay for Xbox live gamertags and we get more social traction. Really cool idea you've got, thanks for sharing.

I am planning to start a project where I would counsel people to save Girl child. Thr are many rural areas which still shy away from the birth of girl child. I somehow wana take care of girl child's which can't afford good education. This is my dream to help if not many but few and make thr lives comfortable n respectful so that they can make thr future generations educated loving caring and above all real humans

Hi @cryptoctopus, been thinking about pitching my project to you for 2 days. I wish to be committed in Steemit, engage more with people here. This project will ensure my highest commitment as the project leader. Although my proposed project may seem little among mega achievers here, will just shoot out to you what I think can work logically for me and my targeted audience i.e those newbies and that not need too much capital to start. Here we go...

1- Tell me about your project (or a project you are involved in)
I have around 1800+ followers, mostly newbies. I wanna start a simple engagement activities that I will give anyone who can respond to my post with good comments and engage with each other throughout that week, a certain sbd amount. As my power have not reached level where I can upvote handsomely, so I will count their engagements that are good, accumulated it and then I will pay them the total amount at the end of each week through my wallet.
2- Why do you think it matters
I feel so lonely here. The community is not united, this will definitely influence those newbies to behave same. Most of the time I feel we are just minding our own business. There's nothing bad about that, just that I feel they need someone to unite them and I wish to be a leader in this effort.
3- How is your project contributing to increase the value of the steem blockchain
A united community that is well connected will make the steem blockchain stronger.

Thanks @cryptoctopus for considering my pitch, have a pleasant day

Thank you for caring and encouraging so many newbies... As one myself, I can say firsthand efforts like your make a huge difference in how we experience the community as we overcome hurdles and begin to find how we fit into this whole ecosystem. Focusing on support and encouragement is huge! Peace be with you.

Hi @genxrev, I have visited many newbies pages that posted good contents but went unnoticed. On other notes, it's worrying to see some newbies get flagged to oblivion for being naive about the rules. When we are connected, we can support each other and give advise to those whose in need. Thanks so much for the support in this pitch. I am so happy you feel the same. This wired world is decentralised but we can centralise ourselves when we are united. Have a pleasant day.

And you as well. Best of luck.

@cryptoctopus - Sir, I'm not a technical person... But running a charity project is one of my idea on STEEMIT & STEEM blockchain... But Sir, if I do that, I don't know how many people will support it... So far 10%-30% of my earnings are using to do charity works in my home village... But everything based on Earnings Sir... I'll not stop & I always help my people & spreading about STEEMIT as well Sir...


Best of luck in your charitable work helping your village. I expect that many will be blessed from your efforts. My "follow" wont create a huge amount of value, but it carries my respect prayers that you flourish for the sake of your community. Peace to you!

Currently I don't have a project, but I do have a project idea!

Project Idea: Crowd Fund Application to capture new project ideas.
Project Type: Token based project which can run top of SMT.
Mechanism: Capture crowd ideas, rate them based on crowd, crowd fund, build the project, run it & share dividends.
Features: Internal market place, etc.
Build by: Java back-end.

I have the idea, but I'm lacking by funds to start it! Anyway if you like to proceed I will handover the entire idea to you. You can proceed!


What's crowdfund?

@theguruasia, that is a really cool idea, and I think what you're doing takes the technology in the right direction.

I think the idea of proportionally and perpetually compensating developers for open source contributions to projects (similar to Utopian.io, but note the proportionally and perpetually as subtle key differences) is the future of software. Especially looking at EOS as decentralized operating systems, I've began pondering the possibility of new types of software licenses for open source projects that would allow for modification, but would mandate that certain "phone home" mechanisms remained in place throughout the utilization of the software in order to reward with original creators of the open source project in question (perhaps with Steem or some other token) perpetually for the contributions.

I've talked about a system that I believe would allow that system to be a possibility here and would love your feedback on the brainstorm. Here is one video and here is another that goes into a little more detail.


I like the idea, something I would use in the future.
Keep it up

A project where I can play a role in helping the youth to recover from drug addiction help them in thr rehabilitation process because drug abuse is amongst the worst form of abuse we have in our society. This leads to serious consequences like murder rape robbery etc. The young ones just need to be shown a proper door whr they can channelise thr dreams and get support that they still be part of society and can contribute in society in various forms. I have seen by childhood friends suffer from these abuses, so for the cause wanna help few to get back on track

Oh, yes, my friend, I would love to have my project, but unfortunately I do not yet have my project in the blockchain. Now I'm just learning the programming skills and studying all the subtleties of the work of the blockchain, in the future I hope personally or with a team of single-minded people to create at least an application and preferably on the Steem blockchain. Thank you @cryptoctopus

Thx, I hope I can give some more detailed info in about a week or two. I hope to launch a dgames platform. We are super exited about it and first want to make sure we can release an alpha before official communication.

I think if will be good if there's also a gaming platform exclusive for steemit community. That would be great!

That's an awesome idea!! How exactly will you utilize the Blockchain? Are you going to incorporate real, tangible rewards to the games?

Really excited to sere this and best of luck!

i'm planning to launch a upvote service + resteem service. manually handle the entire process. i already tested the resteem service & it works well. upvote service need to test. i'll do soon. then i'll run them (both0 manually. it takes time, but i'll try to do my best. impressive article with a nice topic to discussion @cryptoctopus


I am planning to start a project for minnows, especially who have 50 SP or less, here is my plan!

Write a shout out post every week where I will be watching some small accounts, seeing what they are doing and if they are consistent. There will be other parameters too but I want to make this comment as short as possible. So let's suppose I find a Steemian who meets the criteria, I will be posting a shout out post for that person every week. I will give him 5 SBD from my account and all the rewards from that post would be given to that person. I will not only give him/her the monetary reward but would be coaching him/her how he/she can grow her account using different money making machines like DTube, Utopian, Dlive etc. Once he/she grows his/her account, she would be doing the same thing for other minnows and this would be like a chain. I am in touch with Stella and will present her this idea and hopefully, I will get her support too. If, by any chance, I don't get any support, I will start this project and will pay the rewards from my own pocket, a concept just like a gift economy!

Infact, I am writing a post on gift economy and will post it today where I will be explaining my project as well.

I'm working on the idea of creating an auto-aggregated news site based on Steemit-post with in the "news" tag. In short, it will just be a very limited version of Steemit, but with some pretty extensive quality control algorithms.

I got inspired to create this, because news these days seem to be driven by sensationalism rather than truth.

Since the site will work as an interface to the Steem-blockchain, readers have access to the same info on the writers as we have on Steemit. The site will also state clearly that it's based on Steem, thus sparking an interest for Steem in the reader's mind. The question here isn't necessarily how this will help Steem, but rather how Steem will help the world.

The project is in its really early stages (I'm still familiarizing myself with the Steem API), so at the moment there is not much to upvote, but who knows, one day...

Well I just recently thought this out, its simply creating a steemit bet open source site for steemians only

Hello @cryptoctopus
This is a great opportunity to make my project known to the world.
I have been building a growing community (@credo kommunity) on the steem blockchain, our main focus is to promote steemit offline, create more awareness of steemit, sign up new users both bloggers and investors.

With this we will be able to bring more people into steemit and also bring more investors to buy steem and power up. This will have a positive effect on steem price as the demand for steem will increase and price will raise.

Beyond just bringing the newbies on board , we mentor them to ensure they are doing the right thing and we go out to look for support to their quality content. This will ensure we don't just sign people up on steemit but to engage them and make them remain active on steemit.

Last week we promoted steemit in a University and over 100 accounts were signed up during the campaign. We also have several other campaigns in line.

Here is the introductory post to the project; chick here
Here is the link to the last campaign;Click here

Hi @cryptoctopus, I am not really pitching a project as such, but just want to get your thoughts on this initiative that I have just started recently and want to expand it further.

  1. The Steemtopia Network of Learning is a project that I started to promote steemians to teach and learn from each other on topics that are relevant to the community.
  2. I think we rely too much on posting and upvotes to create value in this community (and to earn an income) when the value is in the knowledge and skills that the people here can share and exchange.
  3. I believe that this will promote the sharing of ideas and collaboration so that new comers can quickly gain confidence and a following built on the connections that they build with other steemians, not just by following and upvoting.

More info here:

Dear cryptoctopus,

@jpphotography, @rimicane, @adonisabril and us (Mike and Jürgen) are spearheading a project that will improve the experience for those creating or looking for travel-related content on Steemit.

The current hashtag #travel is dominated by accounts with high voting power. While there is nothing particularly wrong with that, it does shove lesser-known authors with good content under the fold. These authors should be recognized for their efforts and their high-quality content made visible to a larger audience.

This is why we have created the account @travelfeed to curate and upvote a daily round-up of selected articles with the hashtag #travelfeed that our content curators have deemed of high value. This will motivate authors to produce quality content as well as help to convince established travel bloggers to switch to Steemit.

We felt we should start @travelfeed after seeing how successful @photofeed has become in such a short time. You're making a real difference in bringing great photography to Steemit, and we aim to do the same for travel content.

Travelfeed is almost all ready to go but we're waiting to be able to add at least one big backer to our introduction post and we're really hoping it would be you.

But for now we've started a Discord Group for other travelers on Steemit and gained a decent of users: https://discord.gg/HQjJmYw

It is only for development projects?

Because soon I think I will start a charity project in my country based on steemit. Not yet, but in a few weeks or months.

Thanks for helping the steemit community get stronger and stronger!

I am in the process of combining multiple different disciplines, including programming, blockchain, philosophy, and machine learning in order to truly reorient how we value such wonderful acts of humanitarianism such as charity.

Please see my post here and upvote it if you think it sounds interesting!

any kind of development...including charity!

My idea is to in the medium term start to promote steemit in places that need it here in Venezuela, like a little school that is attached to a church here in my city and they provide free studies and housing to the kids, this place is called Don Bosco. The project has been in my mind for a few weeks but I have not started it yet.

I think it would be good for this people to start sharing their day to day activities here in steemit, the place is very pretty and I am sure the community will love to see how is the life in that institution. Depending on how the experience is with this place, I could start attending other similar places eventually, and teaching them how to use and promote their activities on steemit.

I have seen some posts with teachers promoting steemit to their students, and I believe an upgrade from this will be to involve the ACTUAL school activities and of course sharing them here so they can start to participate that way. I am sure people here will love seeing how are the day to day activities in some schools that need support.

As you might know, in Venezuela we have the worst economic crisis of our history, and I believe crypto can be literally a LIFE SAVER for my community. I have been 2 months on steemit and I see my live with a totally different perspective now. Thanks to steemit I am can see myself achieving important goals in my live, that would not be possible if it weren't thanks to crypto.

And because of this, I feel I have the responsibility of one way or another, toshare this knowledge so other people can also take this opportunity.

Thank you for your work helping steemit grow, I am also putting all my time here, trying to find success in steemit, and to help build positives communities , because in the end, if steemit succeeds or not, it would be because of its community. Its up to us if this place reaches its full potential or not. So I am putting my BEST in making this happen.


I am involved in a tag recently started by @markrmorrisjr called #DolphinSchool. We are about halfway through the first 10 day bootcamp. The purpose is to help build and grow Plankton and Minnows into Dolphins and potential Whales by teaching them the basics of how to use the platform.

This initiative is building a part of the community up right now and is focused on retaining and engaging newer users. The lessons being taught are definitely building some high quality skills for content creators! The course is free other than the time and effort that goes into the bootcamp assignments. The response has been pretty amazing.

I really believe this initiative matters to the community because it is helping cultivate it from the ground up! If you @cryptoctopus are interesting in checking it out here is a link to the original post getting things started.

I hope you consider giving this project a look as well as your support! I have a feeling it's only going to get bigger! I am fortunate enough to be in the first class of #DolphinSchool BootCamp! Everyone, is invited to check it out and participate at will!

Thank You

Hi there! Tagging as a fellow #bootcamper to say that this has been an incredible project thus far. I came to steemit a week ago as an artist hoping to find a platform to share my content and writing with a creative community. I’ve been blown away by the people I’ve discovered and the community I’m building.

My first day on steemit I stumbled across @markmorrisjr’s #DolphinSchool Bootcamp and I signed up. I’ve met so many folks and engaged so much with the platform because of this. Mark is an incredible mentor--he takes time every single day to personally respond to each of 20 budding authors and content generators.

And the content has been amazing...from beautiful photography, great humor, potent short stories, to feminist irony...you name it, we’ve got it. As an emerging voice on the platform I’ve been looking all week for similar projects--opportunities to amplify your voice on the platform within a community that don’t require a lot of Steem (or any really, I’m new and have none!). There’s not a lot of really legitimate opportunities. Mark has created one.

His dream is to keep it going. My dream is for him to keep it going. I’d love to see this network spread. It’s been an invaluable experience that has set the tone for my time on steemit. Check it out y’all!

wow... i think it is a interesting projects... i impressed... your photography i impressed me... carry on...

Hey @Cryptoctopus

Well initially I dont have materialized the project, but as new in this steemit community I have seen how important this could help the animals on the streets, especially cats and dogs.

My family has been feeding homeless animals for many years but the current situation in the country (venezuela) has made it a bit difficult; even so it has continued.

I am thinking with my partner how to help these animals. I hope to create it and get your support.

Have a good day.

I do not know how would this increase the value of steem blockchain, but I will start a project based on charity. Many are suffering, because they do not have basic needs. For me it is important to help those who need it the most.


its good to hear your question @cryptoctopus and i will happy if anyone here will be on some good project on steem like you started your coding and hope you devolp a web for steem after you learning
but sory to say that i have not qualify in your questions bcz i have no any project for steem and not for other in computer field bcz i didnot read computer a bit so my mostly time spend on steemit and in my home but i want to make a small charity for poors or want to make my self part of some good charity which is working well for poor persons in world

As always @cryptoctopus, a wonderful idea.

I just forwarded this post to someone I know is putting together a program to help newer people (along with the site). He wants to do some advertising along with a minnow "reward" program where some undervalued posts, but of high quality, are upvoted by curators who seek that stuff out.

It is a sensational idea if it works. I know there are a lot of minnow support programs but this is to isolate 5-10 posts a day and hit them with some pretty good voting power.

That extraordinary news @cryptoctopus My project is that I'm building the foundation to create a community focused on cultivating the habit of sport and healthy habit style of different fields, is my passion and I want to support
Sports and healthy lifestyle issues have their place in steemit. It would be great even that now is learning programming to give you a challenge to create a sport application and healthy lifestyle with steemit, I would like to know your opinion

I started a project called The Legion of Evil Steemians. I wrote a second post answering some questions about it here. The project account is @tloes but there is not much there yet. We are in the building stage.

The purpose of the project is to promote anarchist and libertarian content. To spread libertarian ideals among newbies as we help them become good steemians. To raise group member SP so we can have a greater impact and spread these ideals farther. And lastly to support other worthy projects here on Steem.

It is an ambitious project for me to start at this time as I am still a very young Steemian, but I function better when I have something to work on. My current funding method (just settled on it last night) is to post anarchist memes from the account and power up all the Steem the account receives.

Later I will purchase delegations for the account and begin to actively curate from it. Right now curation from that account is minimal because of low SP. The group currently only has one other member. We are both young Steemians and we both have jobs and other responsibilities. I expect this to be a long road. That is okay. I'm in it for the long haul.

I know that you support the ideas of freedom and liberty for all people and if you find the project worthy your upvote would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for giving me a chance to pitch it to you. If you decide to help the project out then cast your vote here. My first anarchy meme from the @tloes account.


I appreciate all you do for others here.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!


Omg! What an amazing way to give back to the community. I am currently trying to raise funds to help support a non profit in Thailand that’s working to save the rainforest and save elephants! Their goal this year is to plant 1 million trees! Feel free to check out my post about it! 100% of the payout will go to helping them adopt another elephant! https://steemit.com/nature/@karensuestudios/grc80opr



Hi @cryptoctopus,
This is an awesome initiative on your part! I've been following you coding journal for awhile and actually mentioned you in my last post here.

I'm working on a web site that will be like Pixabay with free stock photos, only it will post to the STEEM blockchain and people will be able to vote on the photos on steemit and from the site. I already registered dpixify.com and will make an official utopian open source project announcement soon.
Here's my post with more details about this project.

I welcome you and anyone to join my discord server at https://discord.gg/fNxZ237

Hey man, so I actually have an idea for a project that I have been trying to get started for quite a while. I want to do some promotional photos and videos for Steemit. I've tried to look up promotional things for Steemit and they are kinda.... awful. I've been trying to get it started but I basically just need to hire models. If you are interested let me know and we can chat about it on discord or something. I'd love to tell you what I am thinking and try to get this project off the ground! Upvoted for visibility.

i have not any projects but after winter will start a small salt project
salt show piece and salt lamps which provide us oxygen when a light is on in the lamp
my project will start in 2 months


  1. creating a free public domain licensed learn guitar course and much more planned thanks to amazing steem!!

2.nothing really matters

  1. will help the world beat a path to steem and blockchain.

Hello @cryptoctopus. I am a member of promo-steem and the founder is @futurethinker. It all started with the group of promoters, bringing in more people into steemit. We work with the #promo-steem movement to promote Steemit. @steem-ambassador is the main account for promo-steem they handle the promotion, we are here for the user retention. [At the moment we are counting 525 members.]

And then we realized that bringing people to steemit is not only the main thing but making them active too. So futurethinker added the mentorship part where new and even old steemians are being mentored about steemit generally and most importantly how to write a good article. Then he added the scout section where there are people who are looking out for new steemians who are on steemit already to bring them in and help them out too so that they can be more active and also write good post.

We have encouragement boost section, where we encourage posts that attended the feedback sessions of mentors by giving them little upvote from the community account (@promo-mentors). We also have curie and ocd curators in the community. They try to look into community member's post if any of it is qualified for the upvote. We are trying to make even promising authors to stay on steemit.

The community is already contributing to increase the value of the steem blockchain and with your support, we are going to do more.


Oh my goodness @cryptoctopus I was just praying for something like this.

I don't have a formal proposal but I am in touch with many region groups that require support one way or another.

I actually blogged about it the other day, that I believe answers all the questions :)


Any help towards any of the communities I mentioned would be incredible and much appreciated.

Hello @bearone, you don't know me from Adam, but ironically enough, I'd clicked through to read your post when another had mentioned you and your post waaaay ^ up there. I'd decided to follow you at that time. Now I see I can upvote you too, so cool. With your consent, I'd like to add my prayers to yours. (It's kind of what I do around here in the land of Steem.) Peace to you and I do hope you get picked up. For a newbie like me the information and education you point us towards is much needed. Peace

My project have been to try to wake up whales of steemit to that the earth is flat #notaglobe , I have been doing that for more then 1 year...

YET you flag my post? Your flag is abusive, since you are supporting the satanic lie of that we live on a spinning ball... you probably dont know it yourself, look at this tags videos #notaglobe and these memes, wake up and then upvote my posts, thank you:

(WE probably agree on many topics, forinstance Anarco Capitalism, but there is one MAJOY topic where we yet do not agree and therefore I am BEGGING YOU to watch the 5 videos I posted under the tag #notaglobe ... the earth is flat and you need to wake up to it, then we can make steemit great:)


Hello @cryptoctopus our project to cure quality content and original is called theunion, we think that every day more users are registered in steemit and every time it is more difficult to be seen and receive votes from other steemians in the community. Our project is still very young but we have had good acceptance in steemit; our intention is to cure the publication of new users and help them grow by sharing their publications and giving them greater visibility, the truth is that we need all the help possible to continue growing and offer a help that is remarkable in the community.

Great idea ... I'll take a closer look at your project!

Hello @cryptoctopus,

My project is DPorn, the future to the NSFW section of the STEEM blockchain.

What is Dporn?

Dporn is a Decentralized porn blockchain platform dedicated to the porn industry and the users who watch porn.

It is where the world's multi-billion industry can easily and equally share the rewards with its users for posting and curating. You can watch any kind of porn for free – but, get paid to do so too.

It will improve steem by being the hub of a better NSFW explorer where you get paid to watch porn!

Feel free to stop by our discord here.

Project: Mr. Magoo - Comment Spam Investigator
Procedure: Investigate Suspicious Transactions of Multi Accounts Owners based on last 30 days & acknowledge the community to minimized cheat your generous rewards.

More Information about the community project:
Check our latest multi comment spam update report

@cryptoctopus, tomorrow I have the first tv interview for Steemit in our city, I also created and funded an event this feb 13 at a museum for steemit launch "Steemit Pampanga 2018". Promoting and creating events is my job I wish to create a stable Steemit ecosystem this year.

My plans after the interview will include social media domination with the help of micro-influencers plus seminars for the people who will join. All this will happen soon. Hope you find this valuable. Thankful Im part of steemit I hope I can give back to the people who helped and believed in me.

Thank for you promoting steemit! @francispalo

Im the one thankful of you @futurethinker for accepting me to ur groups of promoters ☺ its my turn to give back properly to the platform.


We are in the second week of running the PHOTO GAMES
"A little bit of sport and a whole lot of community" - @photogames

This is our second week and it's going well... we just started our account verified last night and did our first post today

First week (without an official account) we had over 500 comments and played a new game every day together with photographers: @derekkind @caseygrimley @aweber and myself @jarvie

Check out the posts on #photogames

The whole community participates but there's an element where we invite people for a sub game and they help run the games that week.


As someone who's been influential in organizing communities on other social media outlets (and outside of social media with an in person photography event business) I can say the photographers are going to be coming soon. None of my friends were on here just a month ago but I know they'll be coming in soon and i've been gradually helping lots of them get rolling.

There are photographers with followings of millions (many are my friends) and I know they'll be jumping in soon. Having great community building games like this are just the right thing for them so they view the platform as a place to grow together. Curated feeds are important (which are really needed, specially ones that give back economically like @photofeed) but we also need some other attractions that involve the community in other ways... to be able to play while they show off is just the right ticket for both the aspiring and the inspiring.

It's great to have an initiative that appeals to and bridges the gap between the non-photographer and the photographer. Many of our games will be easily playable by people who just like good photography and not just amazing photographers.

I believe that photographers need to show what's possible to those who appreciate or are learning... but also make those who are joining feel welcome and know what they can do to perhaps one day follow suit.


I'm really excited to be involved in this! @jarvie, I liked what you said about bridging the gap between photographer and non-photographer, or between pros and beginners. We love the contests and challenges we've seen on Steemit already but I feel there's a need to involve photographers on all levels and go beyond just awarding the best photographs. There's an opportunity for growth here, on both the community and individual levels. Games are a proven way of bringing people of all types and skill levels together in a community environment.

I say it's proven because I've seen it happen in an incredible way and was lucky enough to be a part of it: in the early days of Google Plus, Chrysta Rae created a photo contest called the Scavenger Hunt (the idea is that you have a list of 10 things to photograph, and the photos are judged and awarded at the end). It started small but grew fast with the help of a few people who had established followers. Within a year there were hundreds of photographers of all skill levels participating, and many of them had joined G+ just for the contest. The Hunt drew in big name judges in the photography community (including @jarvie). The community built up around the Scavenger Hunt was so tight it was like a family, and when we had a Scavenger Hunt meetup in Las Vegas it was like a giant family reunion. I've never seen anything like it. I was lucky enough to get in early - I went from total amateur photographer to pro, largely thanks to the creative impetus provided by the challenge of the Hunt, and I would credit it for most of my later success, because as silly as it sounds, that game was a catalyst for all my subsequent learning. There are more than a handful of other Scavengers who can tell the same story and have gone on to become successful photographers.

The Scavenger Hunt became one of the biggest and most vibrant communities on G+, and is still going, even when that network has fallen into decline.

We aren't trying to replicate the format of the Scavenger Hunt, but we hope that offering an organized series of games and challenges will bring the Steemit photography community together in the way that it was brought together on G+.

I've only been on Steemit a couple of weeks, but I've been so impressed by the quality of the interaction that I've seen - it's refreshing, and more than that, it's inspiring: I haven't written or participated so much on a social network since the glory days of G+. I can't wait to help get @photogames up off the ground - I think it has great potential for this curious infant network - I've seen it happen before and have been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Well i don't have any clear projects in my mind yet but my vision is to overcome the poverty with whatever resources i have from the world and i want every human live happily and i think every human on earth deserve to live happy life, every human on earth born free and it's their basic right to live freely and happily.


Very good initiative! Great idea man!

I am starting to upvote at least 2 introducemyself post every days....It is so important to encourage new talented steemians....
If Steemit is a family then new comers are the children and no house is complete without children....I am also inclined to make basic steem tutorial posts for newbies....
I am trying to buy some steem delegation so that my upvote worth can increase but no success so far.

This is the basis of our marketing model. we just need to keep posting about our activities, then we can pay back the costs of the tsihrts, caps, flyers, fuel, transport etc. We are trying to demonstrate that this way of doing it works, so that we can set the example for others to get involved. slowly now, more people are starting to contact us about doing this so its exciting times, also this week we plan to make a couple of large announcements to help others promote steemit, and find the best people in order to provide them with funding to get their promotions off the ground!

I’m planning on starting a project towards the poor people in Paksitan . I wanted to be able to at least get a bag of rice and wheat for their family . There are so many poor neighborhoods around me and I’m going back in March. I wanted to be able to feed a few families but I feel like no one wants to support the project

Thanks @cryptoctopus for creating this initiative! Here's my project:


(1.) I'm an artist/designer who has started a project to reimagine the potential of the gazebo (and other overused architectural forms) as sculptural public art installations. I've been proposing various redesigns of the typical gazebo in order to bring it back to the forefront of the public space and create a new kind of gathering space in public parks.
(2.) I think this project is important because these wild and wacky designs encourage people to pause in the middle of their busy day and interact with the outside world. These gazebos are designed to bring the community together and stimulate conversation, while also providing a place for relaxation and wonder.
(3.) My goal is to raise enough Steem to actually build some of these structures in the physical world. By installing these eye-catching gazebos in public parks, I could hopefully raise awareness to the power of Steem as a platform to fund and collaborate on art and design projects. I believe Steemit is going to revolutionize the way the public discusses and funds projects that get installed in their community.

Thanks for your consideration!

This post comes in at the perfect timing, since I have just posted an update about my project anyways!

  1. My project ist the account @welcoming - An account dedicated to find promising introduction posts of new users and upvoting + resteeming them. I have been doing this for over 2 months now, as you can see in todays update: 65 days of @welcoming - Including a analysis of first 50 Resteems!

  2. I think my project matters, since the tag #introduceyourself is spammed a lot and therefore many people don't dare to look at new introductions anymore. I offer thos people the option to just look at @welcoming's blog in order to only see manually curated introduction posts without having to dig through tons of spam. So people who otherwise would not look into intros at all, now have the option to do so.

  3. The value of a social blockchain like STEEM is of course also depending on the number of people using the platform. By sharing promising new users, I give them the opportunity to connect with subcommunities easier (since they are easier found by people with similar interests) and therefore growing those. Stronger Communities --> A stronger network effect in favor of the STEEM blockchain.

This has been running for over two months now and there has not been a single day without manually curated resteems! (The total number of resteems is way over 500!)

You could either help me by upvoting the update to gain more visibilty or, even better, you could autofollow @welcoming's vote with 1% or so and therefore help all the new users I support!

@theaustrianguy aka Martin

I have written a few welcoming post ... that might benefit your project... you might want to check them out and pick anyone you find pleasing ... I believe a good welcoming post is key when welcoming new users


@cryptoctopus I was very delighted when I saw this opportunity to talk about a project I am involved in here on steemit. The name of the project is the @bund project. It is a very fresh and new project that aims to open up lots of frontiers for lots of steemians. It has a huge goal to promote steemit hence bring in new creatives to the platform. This project would mentor and guide those new creatives on how to find their way around here as well as show them what community really feels like. It would also engage in curation of lots of awesome contributions on this platform. I am really honoured to be a part of this project as I have really benefitted from the community. It has shown me what COMMUNITY really feels like and I cant wait to see what the future would bring . Cheers!!

i'm currently undergoing a project called Steempreneurs, the project is aimed at developing and financing young entrepreneurs in my community through the steem blockchain, Currently we are having a campaign, creeating awareness of the power and ability the cteem blockchain gives. I believe entrepreneurship is the solution to our economic crisis here in Nigeria, and the most challenge is lack of funds to get business ideas started hence i came up with the Steempreneurship project aimed at introducing over 2million nigerians on the steem block chain.


I created a facebook page and ive been running adds for the campaign and i just posted 1 of the results on my blog @fabianmani. you might want to check it out.

I'm curious, I know a few people who tried to start businesses in Nigeria and the #1 issue was that people just fleed with the money. I think a big part of economic development is trust(rightfully assume that the other party will fulfill their promise)...any ideas how to increase social trust in Nigeria?

Well, i agree with you that trust is one essential aspect of everything we do if we are to grow in what we do, just like anything else it comes down to working with integrity, for a start people will be skeptical due to the misuse of public trust but ti think with good deeds and evidence to back it, you will gradually win the trust of the people, all it takes is good leadership with integrity and im happy to work with my team because we are gradually winning the trust of the people.

Just 2days ago we visited the orphanage with the little we could come up with and i believe with people like you by our side we can do a whole lot of good

Not wanting to "thread-jack" but a quickie - have you ever seen the work called "Poverty Cure?" - they take up the issue of trust and the challenges this makes for economic development around the world... it echo's what I read in @fabianmani response.

Hi @cryptoctopus, I have something I'm building for the steemit community, that you might consider supporting, but haven't promoted it to the community so it wouldn't be fair to waste your time.

The domain and steemit accounts are acquired, next will be an artwork contest, in the coming days. Just trying to decide on a suitable prize.

So what's the best way to get this in front of you, when it's launched? If you want you can follow @echobot and be the first to hear what it's all about :-D

I can assure you, it'll be worthy of your time and mine hopefully.

I would love to from a group of investors in the future with the help of steemit :)

Awww that’s amazing! Resteeming and hoping to get this post lots of views by potential project creators :) you are definitely right there’s lots of awesome ideas going around to help the community! May the best projects be discovered :)

This is a really cool initiative that @cryptoctopus is putting on and I would love to see more things like this in the community.

I'd really appreciate if you could check out my response on my project.

Thanks in advance if you do :)

Agreed. Great ideas grow as we stir up the melting pots of thoughts.

@hebrewguides is a project of the Israel community on the steem blockchain, the members are writing or translating guides related to the steem blockchain and this account resteems every approved, quality guide.

  1. I am involved with @dtubedaily

  2. I think it matters because without them, many of the minnows involved in building this platform wouldn't be on the rise to making great content!

  3. It's invloved by having its members post literally EVERYDAY! Not gonna lie, I was not the one to post on a regular basis but because of their positive influence, I found the strength to do so and I LOVED it! So many others might feel the same way too!

I’m managing a hostel/guesthouse here in Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭 called Hey Fellas Guesthouse @cryptoctopus We have a very diverse guests local and international. It’s been 2 months since I joined to this platform. And I am able to invite some of my friends and guests already, namely @wanderingdanish @windupbird @gash @jhondejuan @denski @mykill and some just sign up and still waiting for approval. We share our talents, experiences, travels and adventures here.

I’ve been an active volunteer before during the typhoon Haiyan. I will continue to do the charity work and spread this awesome platform to everyone. This afternoon, I’m able share what I received here to a family who needs a help. They are one of the victims of fire, they don’t have a house yet.

Here’s the link: One Meal A Day


This is amazing!

At present,i do nat have any idea abput new project,some project require that somethings can be realized .
If we got sinethings good,then we will take it forward like a plan.

Since I’m newbie, my Steem power is close to nothing. My goal in steemit is to coment on each and one of the posts I read. If I like it I resteemit as well. Recently I downloaded all books of one of the steemit writers. And if there is any opportunity to help any steemien I would definately not hesitate. And this is my goal or if I can call it my project to be steemien, help other steemiens.
It’s not much, but if every steemien does jus a litle for steemit comunity I cant imagine where we go up to the moon.

1- Tell me about your project (or a project you are involved in)
ride sahring for London the drivers and passengers will own th ecompany with the coins they buy, 1,000 ERC20 tokens already been issued,

2- Why do you think it matters
Uber exploit the drivers with very low pay and long hours, some drivers in London are living in tents in the park, some live and workk in their toyota prius cars, they will have the chance to make more money as the new ride sharing service will not take 30% commission from the drivers

drivers will pay ZERO commission

3- How is your project contributing to increase the value of the steem blockchain

Steem Media Token will be used so that drivers and passengers can earn from commenting, blogging, upvoting stories, plan to hav epassengers book a rideshare on steemit " ride needed tuesday 14.00 heathrow terminal 5 to shoreditch please calll 0777 xxxxxx" drivers see th ecomment and phon epassenger direct and agree price in steem, bitcoin eth etc whatever using mobile app

keep on steeming

certified bitcoin professional

I have an on going project which aims at eradicating poverty in my vicinity here in Nigeria. I'm also using steemit platform to do this by introducing young people who can use the internet to steemit. For the ones that don't know how to use the internet or don't have a device to access the internet, I'm using part of the little I get from steemit to assist them.
Just two days ago, I supported a friend to go and celebrate her birthday with the children at the FCT school for the blind in Abuja, Nigeria

I and my partner @tolustx are presently organizing a steem meetup Abeokuta in Nigeria and a campus invasion in the State Polythecnic right here in the city of Abeokuta .

Our aim is to spread the word and let more people know about the steem blockchain in a bid to give back to the steemit community for the valuea we have gathered over the few months we have been here.

We are printing fliers and banners ,making steemit crested vests and caps in preparation for the the meetup and campus invasion. This project might not have a name right now but will very soon . Our intention is to reach every nook and cranny of Abeokuta until everyone hears and joins the steem blockchain.

We do not have any external support at the moment so we plan on using the little we can get from our post payouts to carry this project out ...so help us God!

Okeyy ! Lets do it my friend,show me :)) @cryptoctopus

good initiative to support new projects... ☺

Greetings from me for you @cryptoctopus,

This is a very good post and I will answer some of the projetc we developed in the community with our community Nanggroe Steemit Community (NSC), one of our programs One Home One Account which is planning to help new steemians use at least the least one steemit account in one family.

Why is that important, as the development of blockchain technology, we are must also grow as human, with the project at least can increase the least economy in a family with revenue results in steemit riwards.

The project we are developing is autovote by providing community-specific bots on discord which will automatically be upvote by our bot, all accounts belonging to our community, it's done within 24 hours of one post article. well with the community then we automatically increase the value of steem, in addition we also provide a website tools steemit that is, Mainsteem.com, and you can see it there.there is many value from donation coming for SP, this is big deal for growing upvote value, thats all what I mean rihgt here anything can be happen

this is my comment for your concern, wish you satisfied about this one.

Thank You for this great opportunity. I am NOT just planning it but if you can read this post link below and it is going happen on 14/02/18.

"what is the point of LIFE knowing that everything is vanity upon vanity?"

now i don't have any idea but in think in the future i can have a projet

1- Tell me about your project (or a project you are involved in)

It's not my project but it's a project I'm involved in. The name of the project is @project-atlas.
The project is basically about steem and steemit promotions across different social media channels.
One of the major campaigns or the last campaign that was carried out recently was to make steemit and Steem to trend on twitter and it got a lot of support from fellow steemians too.

2- Why do you think it matters

Well I think it matters because promoting steem and steemit should be an utmost priority of any steemian right now. I don't want to go into details, but I believe we all know why it is important to promote the platform. Very important.

3- How is your project contributing to increase the value of the steem blockchain

Put simply, more promotions, more awareness and adoption; more adoption, more investors; more adoption and investors and it is a win-win situation for everybody and the platform.

And oh! We all want this platform to succeed. We want steem to stand out and we all want to be sure that our investments on steemit is secured.

Thank you and

Happy Steeming

Great news but haven't any project right now. @cryptoctopus

I have a really good idea to start a project around daily motivation and inspiring people, to take a step into making their lives better and filled with peace, basically to start investing smart time into themselves and the purpose of the posts will be to make a kick in their asses hhahaahhaha in a way to get the fire and courage they need to start working towards their dreams, and also a slight amount of manual/posts that will help them do that!!!!

I began a Live YouTube Show looking at Paragliding a couple of months back. Its called Paragliding Talk. I additionally made a site for it. Paraglidingtalk website.

The vast majority of the pilots on the show have Youtube channels that they are endeavoring to adapt. Youtube more than likely will never pay them a penny. Be that as it may, steemit will.

We have a quickly developing group of paraglider pilots joining steemit at this very moment. Super fun. We simply publicized scene #10.

I am overwhelmed at the help for this show. We have had visitors on the show I never figured I would have. Almost certainly these folks will profit joining steemit as YouTube will simply change the standards when they feel like it.

I am going to launch a series of videos and info on how anybody can flip houses without any of their own money, or credit. Basically, I am gonna give away the information that all those late night infomercials claim to give out. (after they suckered you out of 30k ofcourse.

I will be covering :
How to properly price a property
How to find deals
How to lock up the deals under contract
How to find buyers
How to exit the deal for cash to a buyer

It can literally make somebody who is broke put 10k in their bank account, then rinse and repeat the process.

Upvoted and shared. I do hope that they can find some common ground and settle whatever silly ego based differences they may have.

I'm going to launch Associate in Nursing upvote service + resteem service. manually handle the complete method. I already tested the resteem service & it works well. upvote service has to check. i will do shortly. then i will run them (both0 manually. it takes time, however i will try and do my best. spectacular article with a pleasant topic to discussion

Nice one sir! This is really going to help a lot of groups.