I think it is time to say goodbye

in #steem2 years ago

Dear friends, It might be time to say officially that I leaving

It's been months since I did anything significant here. While I still have a lot more ideas than time, I have close to no motivation whatsoever.
I might shutdown my witness anytime too. I am still unsure about that.

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Do what is best for you. What would you say is your main reason for taking that decision?

I don't feel the same sense of community that was here in the earlier days. I used to spend so much on my time around here interacting with everyone. It's like it was a golden opportunity to build something awesome from scratch and Steem,Inc blew it. They could have done so much more, yet they did so little.
I have been trying to motivated myself to come back but now I know I won't. So at the very least I am stopping my witness.

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