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Witnesses got spooked by Justin Sun's plan like that token swap which prompted most of them to take actions to halt that "plan" among other things @steemchiller.
Plus the fact that Justin Sun colluded with three major exchanges to power-up steem of their customers just to help him vote Justin's puppet witnesses verified his threat potential in centralizing steem platform.


Justin colluded, AKA stole money.

he did not steal money or Steem.
Why you would say such a thing is beyond my comprehension.
Some exchanges powered up customers Steem and they will get it back sooner or later. What they did is not good but accusing Sun of theft is inaccurate even if it is a populist stance.

At least one of the exchanges denies customer transactions were impacted at all.
I can not be fucked finding the link again but if i stumble over it I will pass on the link to you if you like.

Exchanges did that but they shouldn't do that. Yes, banks do that this too for many decades now. But it is still theft. Yes, it is normal for banks to do. It is normal but it is also wrong. It is theft. Yes, some people call it not theft. But it is theft. You may think it is not theft. But technically, it is a type of theft. It is simply not the kind of robbery that you are thinking. It is indirect perhaps. It is different. It is a different type of theft but still theft nonetheless. Banks should not do what they do. This all went downhill especially in 1913 with the beginning of the Federal Reserve for example, if not longer than that as well. Look at the history of Rothschild and others. Follow the money. Look at what happened in 1933 and 1871 and 1695. It goes on and on and on. Look at the different people and look at what they did. It is a long story that had been going on globally for centuries or longer.

"Some exchanges powered up customers Steem and they will get it back sooner or later."

LOL clearly not YOUR money, or you'd be first in line to bitch about it being stolen.

You got some crystal ball that lets you see the future and how we all ride off into the sunset with our money?


Didn't think so.

I saw a good explanation as to why it can be considered theft. That got me thinking about a car I had that was stolen. I got it back and it was not damaged in any way, but it was still stolen.
So in light of that I changed my opinion.

My thinking at the time was that people will get it back. I have read stories about exchanges that have closed up shop and people lost everything they had in the exchange permanently !
Hopefully that will not be the case here.

At the time when i was making comments about not being stolen, I did not conciser the Steemit inc funds stolen ether. But in light of the above, maybe there is case to be made that it was stolen? I dont know

Presently I am informed that Binance and Huobi are powering down, so it does appear that they will be in a position to return the funds taken from their customers. Huobi has directly stated it will not use it's customer funds so again. Binance has apologized, but I am not aware of a direct statement from them they will not use their customer's fund likewise again. I hope the market keeps that in mind.

Stealing, as you point out, is taking someone elses stuff and depriving them of it. Even if the thief gets caught, or has a fit of remorse and returns the stuff stolen, the theft still has occurred.

If Binance and Huobi return their customer's funds, that will be good, and the right thing to do. I reckon they have still caused those clients financial harm in several ways, and expect that some of their customers who have suffered that harm will seek recompense. I do hope the exchanges justly compensate them, instead of forcing those injured parties to seek remedy in court.

Yes i listened to an interview with the ceo of Binance and he said that no customers funds were delayed . I am not sure if that is true but he did say it. That was a day or two ago. He also said that the next time they receive such a request they will actually do some due diligence.

CZ has said a lot of things that aren't true, because telling the truth about committing crimes is tantamount to confession. I can point you to more than one user on Steem right now that has posted their personal communications with Binance to get their money that Binance refused to provide with 'wallet maintenance' excuses.

The claims that no customers have been denied their funds is factually incorrect. CZ knows that and knew it before he claimed otherwise, which makes that claim a lie.

I know some people lie their asses off especially Politicians, prominent business people and witnesses, I dont get why I still feel so offended by it. I would have thought that the sting would have diminished over the years.

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