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RE: Why Did We Choose This Path?

in #steemlast year

I take my hat and salute you soldier because it seems just a few of us see things this way, but as we say in my country "tienes la boca llena de razon" ...your mouth is full of truth, what steem witnesses did was terrorism before trying to talk the guy, what JUSTIN AND THE EXCHANGES DID WAS EXTREMELY WRONG TOO and it doenst matter wrong is wrong either if its a big or small fkd up, but the guy try to protect his investment as any other normal human would he pull a few favors and got all the SP he needed, steem witnesses broke their own rules and now we have to vote for them so we can have some what or sort of decentralization because its true that with Justin controlling all 20 top witnesses there is no decentralization but at least with the old top 20 witnesses we are in some what decentralization territory, its a ton of bullshit from both sides but this butt hurt withnessess try to lock Justin up before he even did any moves with the power he bought thats pure terrorism right there, taking hostage someone just because they fear of what may happen even if its good or not just because they guy had that much power