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RE: My Thoughts on The Platform Right Now

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Hi @shadowspub, I enjoyed reading this post as it is a very sensible and objective analysis of the current situation. The pessimism is not just on Steem but it is across most if not all crypto projects. However, Steem being a working platform, the people involved can be more vocal about the situation. That can be seen as fortunate or unfortunate :)

I largely agree with your perspective and I am taking the opportunity to really build my presence and connect with folks who will survive this winter and emerge stronger

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Not surprising that the pessimism has moved beyond the Steem platform. I'm sure the bearishness of the crypto markets is making a lot of people uneasy. In a way it's good to see that the jitters are broadly shared. Good to know you are staying around. If you get a chance, stop by the Steemit Ramble and introduce yourself, maybe take in a show or two.

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