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Was actually planning to write about about the stock market today but this post from @justinsunsteemit is just way too funny to ignore. I have to reply to his questions. Before that, some comments on his opening statement.

I am Justin Sun and I bought 70 million STEEM with my hard earned money. When I hodl them, I want to vote for witnesses with good hearts who truly care about our community. Also they have to be a true believer of the sanctity of private property and love our community!

Justin repeatedly said he won't meddle with Steem's governance, both in the early AMA and the recent meeting with the witnesses. Within weeks, he changed his tune and now come out to say he is going to vote for witnesses.

AMA video

Witness meeting video

Whether his money is hard earned is probably debatable, but I do respect people private property and love this community. However, respect should be mutual and thus far, Justin doesn't seem to be showing respect to the community and the community elected witnesses. If anything, this post just made it worse.

Now to the questions...


1, Are you willing to believe the sanctity of private property or do you just want to take innocent people’s hard earned money under toxic “consensus”?

I respect people's personal property and certainly do not want to take their hard earned money for nothing. I also respect the community and the consensus. This is the spirit of decentralized governance. Just want to let you know that when you buy over a company, you not only buy the assets (STEEM) but also the liabilities (the promises STINC made to the community regarding those STEEM). So whether those STEEM are private property is also debatable.

2, Are you willing to shorten the SP power-down period to 3-7 days from the current period?

Yes and no. 3-7 days seem a little too short. A 4 weeks power down seems fair. However, I prefer the current 13 weeks power down now as I love to see those exchanges that used users' deposits without prior approval get squeezed :)

3, Are you willing to remove the down-voting policy of STEEM blockchain?

Not entirely. There must still be ways to counter bad actors.

4, Are you willing to introduce smart contracts into the STEEM block chain?

Yes, why not?

5, Are you willing to keep a good relationship with prestigious exchanges and increase our STEEM token value or do you just want to fuck them?

In fact STEEM value is appreciating because you accidentally created a liquidity squeeze on your "friendly" exchanges. I am enjoying the upward price movement now :)

6, Are you willing to protect the rights of the community members or do you just want to hurt and destroy those you disagree with?

Don't quite get this question. I just want my rights to vote for whoever I want on this platform and everybody else deserves this right. If at the end of the day, there are more Steemians who support you and your puppet witness accounts, so be it. I respect that.

7, Are you willing to support Steemit, Inc. in accomplishing their job to increase our token value or do you just want to stab them in the back for your own interest?

First of all, many good people had left STINC after you took over. So who is the stabber? In addition, their job is to grow the community and the platform. I do not equate STEEM price with platform growth and adoption. Though the price should naturally appreciate with more growth but I think you got the sequence wrong.

8, Are you willing to increase STEEM token value that benefits the whole community or do you only care about your own interest and don’t give a fuck about the real community?

Refer to answer to question 5 and thanks for the pump :)

9, Are you willing to welcome new investors in the future and include everyone into our community or do you just want to fuck those new investors, freeze their investment and kick them out?

I welcome investors but not dictators.

10, Are you willing to always stick to the truth or will you just spread rumors to generate misunderstandings in the community and poison our community culture?

Yes, I want the truth but what you are presenting so far is at best alternative facts.

11, Do you like Justin Sun or you just want to fuck him?

I neither like Justin Sun nor do I want to f**k him. Sorry, but I am not into that kind of relationship :p

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