Steem Roulette

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Cupz European Roulette

For those who don't know yet, we are the first to introduce a full roulette game to the Steem Blockchain with an interactive table and roulette wheel.

Log in using KeyChain or Steem Connect. Mobile version also available.


All bet types available:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Street
  • Siz Line
  • Corner
  • Trio
  • All Outside bets


Come join the fun at

We have 5 games in total, including Dice and a Lottery

and you can earn CUPZ Tokens whilst you play

With the new bonus system you can even get Steem back on you bets


Nice, I enjoy playing Roulette.

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Great, look forward to seeing you play. You can join our Discord for updates and general chat Discord

Are we allowed to beton the coveted 0 1 2 3?

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Ohh no. I wanted to be able to be on corners. But this is dangerous xD

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ha ha, we listened and responded.

Yes and thank you :p Still a bit dangerous xD

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Just remember to only bet what you can afford to lose.

I am pretty good at bankroll management, but thanks for the concern :D

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