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I am looking for any excuse to stop powering down but unfortunately this kind of news does not get me excited about the future of Steem. Too technical, too esoteric, too focused on damage control. Yeah I know RocksDB makes Steem more efficient but it doesn't do anything to make Steem more fun for posters or bloggers.


This RocksDB update will reduce the hardware costs of running a decentralized app (dApp). This would in turn help bring more and better dApps. Posters and bloggers need better dApps (better UI, better features, etc.) in order to have more fun and a better experience. So this update is about laying the groundwork.

Since Steem is a network with many owners (rather than a single company owning it), I imagine you could request a plain English translation from the community and the community will deliver. Communication is up to all of us. Many people are willing to help - it doesn't have to come from Steemit, Inc.

Laying the groundwork 3 years later.... But better late than never.

It's not Steemits responsibility to bring users to the dapps, that's the responsibility of the Dapps. Steemit is just the most popular dapp out there.

Apps need users. What good are all these apps if no one is using them or there is no marketing? Yeah ok. Apps and devs will be the only users.

On the upside, when users run out of RC's, and can't do anything for 24 hours, , they'll have lots of long techy posts to read..

;-) good take @@@lucylin

@dana-edwards - IMHO, this will result in cost reduction for dApps too as many of them run full RPC nodes. The cost saved can be used to developer better user experience for the bloggers.

@lucylin LOL!!!!! :-)

Steemit is not the only way to use the blockchain. Othr apps have been created that have implimented many of the features users have been asking for like for example.

How many users do those apps have? What does the user retention data say? I'm not currently impressed. Show me the money.

All of these apps still crosspost to, they just have more features. SteemPeak is new but has been growing pretty fast. All these apps are is another way to access the steem blockchain so it is still posting to steemit.

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