Take me to Thailand

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It’s raining every day here, it’s kind of driving me crazy. Been going on pretty much non stop since the beginning of the year and the weather reports says it’s not gonna stop anytime soon. Most probably I will be able to fish through the living room window soon.

All I can think of is my last vacation to Thailand. I can’t wait till next time I go there but I don’t know when that’s gonna be. Getting a house has been quite a big undertaking. Let’s hope Steem takes off soon so we can all cash out a bit and go on a vacation, because I sure need to !


Wow that's rough having rain everyday since the beginning of the year.

We could definitely all use a vacation

Yea man, the recent stress with all changes with Steemit Inc also got one wound up a bit. So some relaxation would be nice :)

Saludos desde chile maravillosa imagen

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