Curation: Are SteemPower (SP) and SBD Reversed?

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I'd like to start a discussion regarding Curation Rewards. For payouts, you receive:
50% of curation as SBD plus 50% of curation as SP. However, the SP is adjusted based on the market price of STEEM. SBD is liquid and can be cashed out very easily, while SP needs to be powered down and subject to a 13 week process in order to be cashed out. Doesn't this reward the people who cash out their rewards rather than reinvesting in the platform?

Wouldn't it benefit the community more (long-term) to give a payout of 50% SP (unadjusted) and 50% SBD (adjusted to conversion rate)? In my opinion, this would:

  1. Improve quality of posts by reducing the "get rich quick" mentality of people who upvote their own posts and cash out the rewards
  2. With less SBD coming as a payout, it reduces the amount of money to go to bid-bots (promoting more natural voting)
  3. As the price of Steem rises, more money would stay in the Steem ecosystem. If the price of Steem hits $10, and my post makes $30 (post-curation), I would receive 3 SP and 15 SBD. I am not going to use my SBD to buy 1.5 more STEEM....I am going to cash out and receive the market value of the SBD (probably close to $150 USD). Even if SBD were able to be pegged to $1 USD, I would probably take advantage of the high valuation at that point.

I'd like to hear your thoughts!


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They should start giving small amounts of SBD or STEEM for curation rewards.

Rn you only get SP for curation rewards and I think that is why people are only voting for themselves rn

Great post!
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