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RE: Why Did We Choose This Path?

in #steemlast year

That's the biggest question I have for the folks wishing to maintain their control of the chain because that precisely what this is about.

Are they willing to invest money, Steem has been a shitshow for content creators, its just witnesses and devs who earn anything from here for the last couple months. This kind of relationship could not go on forever, something had to break. They should have allowed Justin the opportunity to get things moving again


Ned could have sold to the wirnessess who could have somehow found financing.

The witnesses are all broke, along with some of the developers, they all depend on community who buy the Steem tokens and rise of Bitcoin to keep milking the system.

The real power struggle here, is that some of them would be losing that power, that's what a lot of this is about. Someone finally putting money behind Steem and they are pushing him away

Like all things capitalism (which isn't an endorsement of communism) it's incredible good for a few...reasonably good for about 20% (Pareto)...and pretty well sucks for about 80%...
But Jay Dyer is 100% sure he knows what GOD is so everything's okay:P

This is powerful thought here, we can have a lengthy thread of this but we likely trigger the capitalist vs communist and in today's age, this can get very interesting lol