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RE: Rejecting HF21 in its current state

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Low ranked witness or not, your opinion is just as valid as @aggroed or @timcliff. We're all in this because we want to see Steem as a whole succeed.

What I would encourage you to do in the case of HF21 would be to propose changes that you think would be a better use of the HF. You probably did that in the post you linked; if you did, pardon my effrontery for not reading it. But you might be able to rally others to your ideals of you provide an alternative solution. Even if it's an idea you think is terrible, someone else might find value in it. They could help you refine it into something better. And I, for one, would gladly support a witness who comes up with solutions or at least tries to find them. Even if they fail to find a solution, a little effort in the right direction is better than none at all.

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My opinion does not really matter, while theirs does. In voting for hardforks, each top 20 witness gets 1 vote, we get pretty much nothing.

That said, if I can reach out to even a few people, it's a net positive.

I have spent hours in the last week brainstorming, offering alternative ideas, and more. Please see my blog and comments for more. I feel I have done everything that a low ranked witness could. Ultimately, I'm just a small pawn in the game, and I know my thoughts will likely never be considered seriously by anyone important.

I disagree in the assessment that your opinion does not matter. Just because you don't get to vote doesn't mean that the witnesses that can don't listen to those around them. I know quite a few top 20 witnesses, and they do listen to feedback, even that of a minnow like myself. And if you feel strongly enough about it, I bet they'd work with you to evaluate your solutions you've blogged.

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Look at my witness approval, I'm at #85. That quite literally means I'm unpopular and my opinion isn't valued anywhere near as much as a top witness. Just stating facts here! Nevertheless, I'm grateful for anyone voting for me, even if it's relatively few, and for them, I'll continue to state my opinion sincerely.

It doesn't mean that your unpopular it means that you haven't been voted for. I've been here for two years on the blockchain and this is the first time that i've seen your name anywhere. Now i'm not a big account but I've been involved in lots of different places here and have come across all of the top 20 and a lot more and seeing the work they are involved with. That is how I determine my witness votes from people that seem to be working towards the same idea that I have in my head.

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