Is Steem dying with the Birth of Hive?

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I'm never one to want to just jump on a new fad or anything like that but there are many questions I have been asking myself recently. Is there a point to stay on steem? Is there a point to stay on a platform when everyone else has transferred their steem and votes of too another platform. Not many people like the changes to this platform along with the selling of it to a person like Justin.

I honestly have nothing wrong with the man or know of any doings that have upset people. But in all honestly should I keep my voting power here or not. Is my biggest question because of all the votes that have now disappeared. I can understand when the crypto community has pushed out scam artist like Trevon james or others who actively bought ads to push a scam that got them millions and left millions in the dust with large amounts of money lost. They will forever be pieces of shit and still will push to try and steal more money for the rest of their lives.

I actively called out trevon james and his alternate account GOD. I created a account under the pretense that he was acting as god and copy pasting verse from the bible earning him thousands of dollars. I am not sad when I was the one who finally decided to report him to a down flagging bot and forced him to lose hundreds of dollars at the end.

Him and his bot snake accounts deserved to be forced out from attempting to gain money from making unoriginal post.

This site has been sinking for a while because of bots and pools of voting. No one actually goes around to read or talk. They just go around for a vote. Honestly in the long run these sites will be nothing but bots posting and votes flowing at this rate.


First of all there is a problem with both Hive and Steem, both have managed to be kicked out of the top 100 on most sites like, or only one of them is still there like in As for the "all went to Hive and powered down their Steem" I don't think that is true, in fact I powered down my Hive. I think Steemit is much better now than it has ever been for users.

It is tempting to power down one or the other but honestly I am not sure if I should right now or if I should focus on getting out of both of them altogether.

I actually like the lack of drama.

I dislike the engagement, but I am also guilty.

I like the curation projects...

And Hive is also struggling, because both platforms have lost about half the users.

I think over time it will recover.

I agree its nice to see some of the drama gone. But i'm questioning if when people see the ship sinking which ever platform it is will it cause the drama just to migrate back to the main platform.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook good

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There are enough people on steem and more will come. Have a look at the inner workings of hive it will disappear long before steem does. Have faith