Best Steem apps or websites - Check all the great apps build for Steem. To the moon.. :-)

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Hello Steem Community,

i want to share some great „apps“ or websites with you. Hope you will like the apps or websites on my post. I will update this post very soon to give you more information about some new and great apps for Steemit. I love this community a lot. Lets go and start!

#1 Upvote worth

A simple and minimalistic site that shows how much a Upvote is worth! Yes, this does not yet include the difficult "unknown magic" happening behind the screens when more users, with diffrent levels of steem power are added to the mix when voting on your story or comment.

You can check any account by going to the Upvote Worth Calculator by submitting a username, directly after the site will retrieve the data and display the Potential Upvote Worth of the account.

Check your up vote

# 2 - Stats is a great website to check all the stats about the Steem Project. New user registration and much more. Take a tour on the website and check all the stats

Go to


Stats about the Blockchain and individual Steem users. You can type in your user name and see all the stats about you or other users.

Go to

# 4

A free image hosting website powered by Steem. 20 MB limit. Direct image links, BBCode and HTML thumbnails. Start uploading for free.

Go to

# 5

A simple Chat room for the Steem Community. Check the tool.

Go to

# 6

A great place to get some information about Steem and the Steem Community.

Go to

# 7

Steem Dollar Ticker & Conversion. Showing you the "real" Steem Dollar value calculated with the latest exchange values.

Go to

# 8

A simple blog view based on steemit and the steem blockchain. You can type in a username and get all the post from that user.

Go to

# 9

A url shortener for Steemit. Get your free URL today.

Go to

# 10

Compare the steem marketcap against it's competition.

Go to

# 11

Steemviz displays all new posts, votes, comments, users, blocks, transfers and trades on the steem network blockchain in real time.

Go to

# 12

Another url shortener for Steemit

Go to

# 13

A Steem Search Engine

Go to

# 14

A rankings website for Steemians

Go to

# 15

Check Steem and SBD against other cryptocurrency and against fiat.

Go to

# 16 Alexa - Stats

It is officially ! Females are dominating males in the steemit world right now! Here are the latest statistics from alexa. I think it is very encouraging in general for the crypto community that females are happily adopting for the first time massively crypto coins/projects!

Go to Stats

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@rainman @steemed Would be so great to see an upvote from you :-)

Missing an App or website? Please leave a comment . I will add the website .

What's your favorite app ?

I'll change the Raking in the post when many comments are made . Please leave a comment! Thanks a lot!


Thank you ! i have upvoted this post, as this is a very useful post. Of course i have seen all apps before, but i have bookmarked this post, as i need information which i can only get using these apps.

i am currently working on a steemit application myself, if it ever works out, i will share it with you!

Thanks a lot. I will update this post and you will get some new apps build for Steemit. Would be great to hear about your app. What do you want to do ? let me know!!

Thanks. If you find other websites let me know...

My favorite App is - Wanna check my rank. ;-)

Thanks for your reply!!!

Nice list. Thanks!

What are your favorite Apps? Let me know...

Not sure when you accessed the data, but it appears to be quite different now:

Good stuff here. Glad to see some apps fueled by Steem!

I'd love to see more apps developed that are not directly related to cryptocurrencies, with real-world value. I'm looking forward to the future of this community.

Nice list, would you mind updating listing with what else have come on Steem