Another all time high number of accounts 3,633 transacting at yesterday's season end plus my best season rewards so far

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Another season of splinterlands is behind us and another record for number of accounts transacting (playing, buying/selling etc.) posted on the stateofthedapps - 3,633 to be exact.


That's a 117 more than the previous season which had 3,516 accounts transacting.

On topof that the kickstarter campaign has already overshot its US$ 25,000 goal by 5x! At the time of this screenshot was taken US$ 128,119 has been pledged so far.


We also sold out the first 100,000 untamed packs in a fucking pre-sale.

Got hype? Splinterlands/Steemmonsters is doing mindblowing things on the Steem blockchain during an altcoin bear market. It's a legit business. Maybe Steemit inc. should put out a press realease or something? I don't know but when a business on a blockchain is going against the bear market it should be screamed from the roof tops.

crypto winter.jpg

On a personal note I reached Champion I again last season and got 150 reward cards.

And it had happened to be my best rewards yet as I got 2 gold epics (Imp Bowman and Darian Dragonscale) and a gold rare (Naga Fire Wizard).
Pretty nice!

3 gold 1.jpg


Woohoo, amazing to see my fellow monsters getting more and more popular. And your season reward cards are worth more than all my six accounts combined...

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