So you mean?:
You slap your wife, she goes to the police to report your despicable behavior.
She gets completely destroyed by the community because she protects what she owns.
Great vision

No, he means, you slap your wife and she shoots you for it and goes to prison because of it.

Yes. What others do to you are always a lot worse then what you do to others, get that. #notreally

Using and freezing the funds of 1000 of users it worse than freezing the funds of 1 ninjamined user that is threatening to wipe the blockchain.

Now this...
You slap a dude in the bar because you think he is going to fuck your wife. (He just tells her she is beautiful actually) He is black belt ninja and slaps you back twice as hard. Now go cry that you got attacked. No logic in these statements, whatsoever.

But in this case, the dude told yesterday my buddies wife that he found her beautiful and then actually fucked her.

On the next day he told my wife that he found her beautiful. I don't want to jump to conclusions but things seem pretty obvious don't they?

In your case: He found out you fucked his wife after they got married for a week. He, clearly, doesn't take that shit and fucks your wife. Anal

This situation does not apply. When he bought STEEM Sun knew what rules are and what kind of governance STEEM has, but he thought he's going to trample us easily. This was never intended to end up nice.

more like, your wife waves a gun for 10 days talking that she will kill you, after 10 days you forcefully take her gun from her. she goes to the police and says you used force to take here gun. Police gives here new gun and they together go to your house and shoot you.

Yeah man, I can go on for hours and days straight. You don't have to share my opinion, I don't have to share yours. Lol but if you mean that 1 tweet and 1 post is threatening, you should walk a day with me. I can only assume you never been in business. (assumptions hmm, should I?)
I do acknowledge the lack of communication though. You are right.

i seen at least 4 post on different official tron foundation accounts in 10 days. Also a deleted post of poloniex exchange.

If you mean mafia business, never. if you mean business, private accounting company with around 80 clients (companies)

there is no need for us to agree to be able to talk. there is interesting quote from terry pratchett about that “The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it.”