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RE: My Thoughts on The Platform Right Now

in #steem3 years ago

I really enjoyed reading your post.
I joined Steemit on 12th of July 2016.
When I checked on the 13th I found this surprise,

3rd place Steem
Market Cap $ 403,527,532
Price $ 4.93
Available Supply 81,911,905 STEEM
Volume (24h) $ 1,393,320
% Change (24h) 326.09 %

Better times for STEEM will come. I like to use Steemit anyway because I do here what I normally do every day in real life.


those were heady days. As someone new to the whole crypto concept it was a learning curve for sure but now, it was good to have been through that period and being able to see the similarities to now.

Even better when every day can embrace the platform smoothly. Thanks for stopping by @donatello

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