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RE: Offer to Purchase for Custody of the Steem Community

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You are basically asking him to give up his weapons and pressure points. Those domains constitute, to some extent, the face of the Steem blockchain. Their worth is definitely far more superior than 1.4 million USD.

Your post/offer will just make people, who you want to buy the domains from, realize that they own another great pressure points. If the current situation unfolds into a Hard Fork and a split, the above websites will play a key role in determining which chain will prevail/thrive.

Good job Einstein.


It's basically immaterial. Steem is currently Tron's possession. We are allowed the illusion that we have community witnesses that can prevent a HF, but that is belied by the fact the exchanges remain powered up and able to instantly assume control of governance again.

Either Tron and the exchanges execute the code that prevents their accounts from voting on witnesses, or Steem remains the exclusive possession of Tron.

Websites are just specific assets, part of the whole.

The community seems not to realize this fact presently. Since Steem remains usable at this time, we are able to continue to post and discuss here. Either the community forks and institutes mechanisms to prevent stake nominal to exercising governance at it's sole option, or remains on Tron's exclusive possession, Steem.


Would you say the same thing about Bitcoin? I've heard that Bitcoin has no company. So, that appears to be a critical difference to the extent that Steem may depend on Steemit. But that is assuming that the Steem blockchain is not independent like Bitcoin is disconnected and independent of companies and exchanges and websites and apps. I don't know how hard forks are implemented on Bitcoin. I imagine that the miners vote on hard forks and that resulted in the forks of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc. Weku forked from Steem. Others have forked as well. So, we could fork from Tron just like Weku forked from us, assuming Weku did and I think they did.

While no company 'owns' BTC, the miners control it's transfer, and therefore exercise control. AXA has been pointed to as a controlling entity of BTC, and it is demonstrable that the day the future's market for BTC was initiated the crash of BTC value began.

Yes, BTC is presently centralized, and further, the exchages are chokepoints that enable legacy financial mechanisms to specifically target users that exchange BTC for fiat.

Absent decentralized exchanges, crypto is captive to legacy financial institutions. Absent nominal mechanisms to limit the ability of substantial stake to exercise governance, Steem remains subject to Sybil attack. These are just the facts I am aware of, and not what I advocate.

At least Binance today said on Twitter they will start powering down.

You are basically asking him to give up his weapons and pressure points. Those domains constitute, to some extent, the face of the Steem blockchain. Their worth is definitely far more superior than 1.4 million USD.

To such a decentralized minded community of people perhaps its time for our own decentralized DNS' on the blockchain. Where should we point traffic? Ask the blockchain. Stake owners need only apply. The community will decide where traffic is to land.

You don't think Classic Steemians can compete with Tron Steemians post-split or post-hard-fork? I believe we can become more popular and drive many people away from Tron Steem and towards the new and more classic Steem blockchain someday if it comes to that. Because we are hard-core fans and geeks of the original. The war between Steem and Tron is akin to the war between real Star Wars fans and Disney and you know that the Fandom Menace is winning even as Disney has billions of dollars. Same thing with Star Trek.

hard-core fans and geeks of the original

  • People are speaking about this like if it's the holy grail.
  • I played a major role in the archiving of many projects and websites as a part of I have seen many great projects entering the archive of history regardless of having a great community.
  • While there is indeed a huge difference between a website and a blockchain, the question of price vs cost applies to both of them.
  • We also saw no precedent things happening in the current events here which portrays something that will happen a lot in the future if the chain grows and we go large scale. There is a clear clash of civilization, racist jokes against Chinese and Korean, hate speech against China ... you can be sure that the interests of stakeholders (investors) from different places in the world will collide in the future hence why the governance system needs to be immune against such things or the chain and the community as a whole will never thrive.
  • War is good, the clash is natural, people are free to fight, but not by using the Chain as a weapon and the code needs to reflect that.
  • People are relying too much on emotions and excitement, rather than logical thinking. It's something that I really don't like, unconditional and blind support to witnesses and STINIC are the things that lead us to this point. No accountability at all. People need to stop glorifying other users regardless of their actions.

If the proper changes are not made on the chain, you can be sure that both chains will be doomed. Of course, if you like to live under 20 internal gods, that's another thing, running a blockchain isn't hard, a few servers suffice, but making the whole thing work is another story. It's like opening a copy of Facebook online than asking I don't have a billion visitors each month.