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RE: Your guide to setting up a Witness Server (STEEM-in-a-box HF19)

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I had a problem when running the seed. I couldn't telnet to it from an external box. I tried to play with the firewall but that wasn't it, the culprit was in the script:

if [[ -f .env ]]; then
source .env

What's happening is, after PORT is set to 2001, it gets overridden by the value from the .env file. In this case, it's empty (as instructed in this post).


So when running the docker container, the resulting command that starts the docker is:
docker run -v /dev/shm:/shm -v /home/user/steem-docker/data:/steem -d --name witness -t steem

The fix is to set PORTS=2001 in the .env file. And we end up with the proper command being executed, with an open port allowing public access to the seed node:
docker run -p0.0.0.0:2001:2001 -v /dev/shm:/shm -v /home/user/steem-docker/data:/steem -d --name witness -t steem


That's the point. It's designed to be a witness.

All you have to do is just remove PORTS= from the .env file and it would work like normal, with the default port of 2001 being opened.

Thanks so much for this post. I had good experiences using this service. I love reading the tips on how to maximize long term [email protected]

I am using the "Your guide to setting up a Witness Server (STEEM-in-a-box HF19)" guide to set up my witness account and have run into the following issue: "DOCKER_NAME=witness File Name to Write: .envPORTS= " I am not sure what to put here based on the guide. Any help would be appreciated.

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