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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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This post about the 3 R's shows more professionalism and being on the right track than anything I saw the old steemit crew produce. Now we are all hoping you can deliver on them and help us turn Steem into something really special!


Basically what I was thinking. Has anyone here ever mentioned the word "retention" before? Previous leadership sure didn't care about it.

I'm still pretty skeptical of Steem on a number of levels, but there's been a lot of progress lately that I would never have expected a year ago.

I see @steemitblog is still ignoring me from the Andrarchy era. @steemcurator01 if you're watching maybe clear the account's old ignores?

Confused? Why do you say we are ignoring you?

Long long ago (just before HF20) when Andrarchy was running the Steemitblog account, he muted me for pointing out something inconvenient about the experiment they were running by dropping resource credits on the population without any testing. @steemitblog still has me on its mute list from then; I guess it doesn't matter on Steemit, but it means my comments here don't show up on Steempeak. (Presumably someone logged into that account wouldn't see them on Steemit either, but on Peak it's everyone.)


There are only two other users on that account's ignore list, one of whom is @sunlit7 who I expect Andrew found similarly annoying for posting legitimate criticism; I don't know the other one.

Hi Tim, found that now - unmuted you!

I didn't even know he muted me, I've had problems on that site trying to leave comments. Maybe now they will unmute me now they have all left.

Nice to see you back around.

tcpolymath is like me in that we tend to point things out when we see them. The old crew did not like criticism and LOVED flagging ... They are still wondering why they failed to moon steem -not kidding-

I wondered why I have a problem on Steem Peak, how about unmuting me also now that those guys are gone.

What progress?

Probably the two biggest additions are that Steemit is rewarding legitimate content with their stake and communicating regularly, and the powerdown time has been cut more than 2/3. Both of those are independently immense improvements, even if they way we got here was troubling.

Also the dev team that made two disastrous hardforks has moved on, quite a few habitual abusers (in the human sense) went with them, and the culture of downvoting as a form of political harassment has been greatly reduced (except on one topic, unfortunately).

It remains to be seen whether the new Steemit can put together a dev team that can pull things forward, won't be in complete denial about the real problems with steemd's design, or can do anything about preventing personal abuse and harassment on a more systematic level. But so far there's been quite a bit of quiet good mixed in with the drama, which is a step up from the previous two years.