ONLY 139 VOTES AWAY!!! Wanna win Steem???🤑

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Yesterday, we WERE 2000 votes away from 1st place!

Last night.. we were ONLY 470 VOTES away!!!

After I posted this 45 minutes later, we were only 420 votes away! vote vote vote!

UPDATE: NOW we are only 139 votes away!!!!!!


There are SO many reasons why this is a great thing, but I was talking to @thekittygirl and I shared some things with her that I think are cool about this contest!!!

If we win - we are ONE MORE STEP closer to STEEM being a household name! Right now, when I say "Steem" people say huh? I'd love to have it grow to be as recognizable as Ethereum! And Litecoin! And Bitcoin... Sure! Why not? Steem is so unique, and doing amazing things - why SHOULDN'T it be listed up there with the big names?


We have so very few things that actually bring us together as a global community. But we ARE a global community. Not everyone can go to meetups. Not everyone can make it to Steemfest!

But EVERYONE can show up for an online vote!

How amazing would it be if we would just DOMINATE this vote. We HAVE the numbers. We would put everyone else to SHAME if we just all clicked a VOTE button.


I think it would be AWESOME for Steemit morale... Especially after the shakiness after HF20.. to just come together and show that we have the NUMBERS, we have the PRIDE, we have the SOLIDARITY, we have the MOTIVATION, we have the DETERMINATION, and WE AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE!

That's what kinda excites me the most.

Plus.... if you NEED more incentive...

ok! Go WRITE A POST encouraging all YOUR followers to go vote! When you're finished, leave the LINK TO YOUR POST in the comment section of THIS POST!!!! When you leave your post link in the comment section, you'll be entered into the drawing to win the liquid payout of that post!


What are you waiting for??? Go vote NOW!!! 😁👍





Did this for three days in a row. My 4th vote is due in another 24 hrs. We are leading by 4 votes now. Let's keep those votes rolling in!!

yes yes yes - we are #1 now!!!!
don't stop! keep voting!!!!!!! we must secure this win!

Done... I was talking to papapepper in chat last night and he dropped the link and i signed up good ol steem....thanks for your effort, be well

we got it - we took it!!! #1 is ours!

now we need to keep that securely ours! :)

I voted for my 3rd time now so ill have to wait lol unless i use another email address lol! I really want to know what the official tallys are with some of the votes being removed for fraud! Going to be interesting. Steem better win or get ready for sulking posts about how much we all suck :P

hahhahaha well in 45 minute since i posted that - we just closed the gap by 50 more votes. we just need to get the word out! Remembe if you want to write a post encouraging your followers - drop the link in my comment section and i'll enter you into the drawing for the liquid payout from the last post! (its up to $36 now!so 50% of that is $18!! nice little prize)

That was fast looks like all the posting is really helping and we're pulling together for the last big hooray! I created a post in the week - This one or do you mean I should create a new one?

You're always in the know when it comes to rewards! Ah I need you're reward hunting skills, teach me!

Hahhahah well it's my contest lol

I'm giving away the liquid payout on the post before this one...lolol

Go drop your post link as a comment on the post right before this one...and you'll be entered! :)

LOL! You so sneaky! I like it! I will do so right now!

I have to wait 10 more hours for next vote.

Plus isn't there 2 days left?
We so got this!

we are #1!!!!!!! woo hooooooooooo but Pac coin is on our heels!

Keep voting folks!!!

we are #1!!! keep voting :)

Good job! I am resteeming this!

woo hoooo thanks!!! #1 feels good - now - we hold that position!

or is it... hodl? hehehe

woo hoo!!! update - now we are only 420 votes away!!

If you want to write a post encouraging your followers - drop the link in my comment section and i'll enter you into the drawing for the liquid payout from the last post! (its up to $36 now!so 50% of that is $18!! nice little prize!!)

hehehehe you're fast! now we're only 469 votes away! :)

don't forget - if you write a post... you'll get entered (just drop the link on the comment section of the previous post!)

and if not... its ok! we love votes! hahahahaha

We got them! Up and over we go. 60 votes in front.

yes!!!! did you see my latest post???? i'm unusually arrogant hehehehehe (but so fun to be proud of our steem!!!!)

That's twice for me, again tomorrow.

YAY!!!! Are we at the top still??

You're a great coach and a great mentor! It's amazing to keep up with you. I feel energized.