love that outlook... a Christmas sale... like black friday embracing the bear

yes - i can't take credit for that phrase - heard it somewhere on the platform a few weeks ago and thought it was cute! a few of us have all been saying it now hahahahaha

but yes! how many of us were complaining that we didn't have the chance to buy steem when it was low in the beginning of last year?

how many people complaining that HF20 killed us - and no one had enough to invest on their own?

I supported and empathized with that thinking!!! cuz a lot of people truly couldn't help the matter. but now? with steem being 4 for a $1 (USD) it is a LOT more affordable to buy a bit here and there!

I'm not saying EVERYONE can. I'm saying A LOT MORE can. and we prioritize what is important to us. $5 will buy people 20 steem. There are STILL a ton of people who can't afford that. I'm not being insensitive. But there are a LOT more that can now.

this is a cool opportunity to invest - if you believe in Steem! (IF)

you are very correct ... more people can afford to buy some steem to boost their accounts. The great thing is that a Steem is still a Steem regardless of the fiat price so those Steem bought with fewer fiat dollars will increase the RCs available to smaller members and let them do more. It's a win win and we know who loves win win... all of us LOL

yessssssssssssssss :)

it's so true! it's SO nice to know that you're stockpiling something that will increase EXPONENTIALLY when steem rises.

love that!!!

win win win win win win win ..... ;)