advice I give friends locked out of Steem (lost keys/password)

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The following is what I tell people who can't find their account keys and don't have full access to their accounts:

Many people are losing access to their Steem accounts lately, in part due to changes to the wallet, and in part because many people don't understand how the various keys and master password are to be used.

I don't know for sure how to fix this, but I'm certain you should proceed with caution! A lot of people are in your situation right now, and have been lately. Many of them will never get full access again. I hope you can!

Hopefully your master password (from when the account was made) is still written down on paper and stored safely in your home. If so, retrieve it, type in your master password, and then you can safely find and record all your other keys, and even change them all if you desire.

If you don't have your master password, that could be a problem. It's what we must have and protect, to retain control and ownership of our Steem. It's not convenient or easy, but it's the step we must take to get the banks out of our lives.

If all you have is your owner key, you can still do most things with the account.

If you only have your active key, you'll never again be able to change your keys, or perform certain account-related actions.

If you only have your posting key, as you've found, all you can do is post, comment, and curate. Can't even use the market or make any transfers. Essentially, you're locked out of your finances.

So the question becomes, assuming you don't still have your master pw written down, is there a copy of it saved somewhere else, like in your browser settings? Maybe in a password-management program? Hubby might be able to help with that, if you're uncertain.

Be careful not to clear your browser history, or do any major operating system changes, until you get this sorted out. Maybe don't even empty your recycle bin or reboot your machine, I dunno.

I hope you're not locked out of your funds and keys. :(

There's more info about keys here. Good luck, and hopefully, STEEM ON!


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Ugh this is confusing and annoying. Thanks for posting on the topic, it's definitely a post worth bookmarking.

There's definitely a learning curve. It's worth it, but hopefully we streamline things and make them a bit more user-friendly going forward (while maintaining security and decentralization).

That is a good point. I have all my keys written down and backed up. It is good practice to have cold storage of your keys just in case.

Yes, the master key is what is most important . The new walker changes enforced this.

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