thank you so much, great present :)

thanks for representing @anoxfund they got maintenance delisted on newdex for lack of volume (need 1 eos every 2 weeks no so bad lol just have 26 eos per year lol ) so im happy ANXO team has steem engine still to trade their EOS token pegged on steem engine but honestly, I havent heard much from them LOL, BUT its a great potential project a hedge fund for the masses. And someone could revive it with new funding of they talk to @oscarps about getting a new fund partner etc.

HEy I wanted to say that since you made this post, @gerber from @steemleo and I have Airdropped some more tokens and expect to get a LOT more airdropped to the snapshot list of 16,000 Steem accounts with 200SP and i think 50 rep/ Its teh same list everyones been using and i guess it could be updated or maybe it has lol i think @gerber may be using a newer one.... either way its like whatever lol, a lot of steemians get the tokens and its a saturation effect :D

One airdrop i just did was TLOSp so everyone got 0.01 TLOSP and, i have 0.1 planned for a few weeks from now, and then if my Telos Proposal passes and I am confident it will, we will be giving these 16 thousand steem accounts 1.011 TLOSP so enough withdraw 1 whole Telos main net token via @privex steem engine gateway

After the airdrop people started trading TLOSP more

Anyway if anyone wants to earn some TLOSP or STEEMP come to the or which comes to the official telegram for telos

hey @ackza this is really interesting. can u ping me on discord ?