A teeny tiny warning! LET'S NOT LOSE MOMENTUM - Please Keep Posting!

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Who remembers hard-fork 20 that happened in 2018? Wow that was something. If you don't recall or weren't here in 2018 there were some quite significant changes made, including the addition of posting and commenting limits based on a new resource credit system. As useful as it was to preventing abuse, spam and the like, something really bad happened soon after we forked. There was a glitch, a big one! All of our resource credits were zeroed out, and almost no one could post or up-voted for an entire week! It was crazy, many people were very upset! Personally i was quite happy to have a week off after what was probably 2 years of non stop steeming!

Here's the thing. Once we recovered, and the dedicated Steemians returned, it seemed quiet, very quiet indeed. NOt only had the spam stopped, but also most of the commenting on our posts! People with no Steem could not really comment much in a day, and many people did not come back. Whilst some people may say that its the price of Steem that has caused this decrease in activity, i believe if you look at the drop off, it started just after this fork. I remember it well!

So here lies my teeny tiny warning to use all. Who knows how long this Steem/Tron fiasco will continue.. Maybe we will move to a new chain, maybe we wont. No one can say exactly what will happen, nor how long it will take. I know there are many people who are not posting right now. Some of us are confused and not sure what is happening, and some of us may think that if we are going to fork then why bother posting here anyway. So, my warning is, PLEASE EVERYONE KEEP POSTING! We are losing momentum, and this is not a good thing. It can be so hard to restart posting once you have gotten our the habit, and I am starting to get concerned that we will again have another drop off, even after thus fiasco ends!

Lets keep this chain going, with a diverse mix of topics. Steem Tron may take TIME to resolve, and its not fun to dwell on it so much. Lets get our posting passion back, and tell our friends too. There is no better time to post than now to be honest! Whatever does happen, it seems clear that a Steem pump is going to happen, even more than it already has. Right now the price is so low that you can earn MUCH more Steem than you will be getting once the price (probably!) goes up. Back in 2018 Steem was worth around $1.20, and hardly got any Steem compared to today. We get around 10 times more now!

SO please post n HODL your Steem for a while. IF the fork does happen you can move your Steem if you want, or you can wait until the price has gone up enough that you want to sell. Who can say how high the price will go in the next six months to a year? What do you think the Steem price will be in December 2020? Let me know in the comments.. and of course STEEM ON!!!


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yes lets get back to what we do best, sharing our content and supporting one another, whilst also being present for the community. I really believe that there are a lot of eyes o the steem community these days, so it is important to show everyone who we are and why this community rocks xxx

Steem Tron may take TIME to resolve, and its not fun to dwell on it so much.

Thank you for pointing this out, @eco-alex: you made me realize that I am dwelling too much on this matter, so I go back to studying "my" Vedic texts, meditating and I will come to visit you from time to time.

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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Posted today & #greensteem curation coming out tomorrow. Monday's post in drsft mode.

December 2020? I'm tipping steem price at $8. Where it was just before I started my steem journey. 😍↗️🔝

hahaha.. dont say that or ill panic buy now! $8 omg can you imagine!
look forward to tomorrows curation! Xx

I don't sell below 4$ and it's ok if that takes 5 years. The foundation is very good on Steem i just hope it doesn't end up like a second linux. Good but no financial success.

Well done! That's right, we don't have to faint. Here we are and here we will continue is the watchword for these dark times.
Greetings and blessings, @eco-alex!

Yup just keep on posting, I couldn't agree more!

Steem at the end of the year, too difficult to predict ATM, too much uncertainty!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

yes, I totally agree. !BEER

I'm with you here to keep on posting! I'll keep doing what I do for what I really value here - the wonderful engagement, with communities and some awesome content!
Where will Steem be in Dec. 2020 - I am still optimistic and can see it taking off once again beating previous highs!

THANK YOU!! so appreciated <3 id be SO happy to see us rise past previous highs.. it does all of a sudden feel very possible now!!! x

I am thinking that if the few who have bee dictating what happens on the platform regain complete control, that the price will dwindle down much lower than it was before Justin Sun's purchase of Steemit inc .
The old guard does not implement user friendly changes. Each successive change enriches themselves and disadvantages smaller stake holders.

its VERY complex.. but overall i do see it differently... justing will pump steem.. and binance are now powering down and supporting US , the community and not JS. WE can fork at any time we wish and have both old and new steem tokens.. The publicity weve had has been the best weve EVER had in so many ways..

we have got rif of voting bots and many more people i see getting great upvotes for good content.. YES< there is a long way to go, and much to improve still.. and if we can resolve this ninja stake that will be a HUGE step toward decentralizing our blockchain!

lets see what happens!

Yes i agree. The problem is that big 'IF' we can resolve Justin Suns stake.
But many of the witnesses are obstructing the possibility of a mutually beneficial resolution.
I was pleasantly surprised by some of Sun's now deleted questions. I got the impression that he has a good understanding regarding the issues obstructing mass adoption. (Only because the questions resonate with my own thinking lol)

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