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Welcome Steemians!

From last few weeks, i observed the down trend in steem value as well as Steem Dollar Value. The market cap was also decreased at that time, maybe non-profitability on steemit now. Why? Because, today just visit SteemBotTracker and you'll see many bots are working there ans selling their votes. People are biding with their maximum value but they are not getting their actual invested amount after curation as well. Sometimes, bot will shift your vote to next round due to maximum bid values in that current round. I'm analyzing the bots and their votes values to users and their rewards from last few days and there is no such profit I've seen. So, this might be the factor of Withdraws from steemit. Most of the users still struggling with a hope to get some profit by chance. The vote values are also down, so they are charging more at user end to achieve their tasks.

These votes are only helpful for those having a huge investment in account to bring their posts in trending and that must have a good reputation in communiy. So, he'll get some good upvotes from fellows but other than that, you'll see $0.01 to $0.05 vote values from almost new users (I personally experienced this).

So, Steemit officals started to think about ways to stable their Cryptocurrency and they ended up with a decision. That, On your every post reward you'll get some portion of reward as a STEEm (not talking about STeemPower) and that will be converted from your Steem Dollars (SBD). I ncase, you didn't understand what i just said. See this screenshot below.


I think, this is a best way to help their cryptocurrency because it will help investers here on steemit to make some more money too. Currently, people can't work properly with bots because they are still in no profit zone. The price of Steem is rising slowly and hopefully, we'll be on track soon.

If you want to share something here or have a question, you can just type that in comment section below. It will help many new users to put themselves on the right track. Thanks.


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