DIGIBYTE - a fantastic private crypto alternative

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Hey STEEMIT Compadre's !

As those involved in Crypto are starting to get their heads wrapped around the fact that many of the most popular crypto-currency solutions are not as private as first described.

I wanted to reach out to you fine people for some quality crowdsourced DD (due diligence) on DIGIBYTE - how does this one stack up versus the other private currency coins?

Thanks so much in advance!



posting and good information, thanks for this.

thanks so much.

You've had a very busy day mate, keep up the good work.

Internet Security is an interesting topic at the moment.
Unless you get to play with the big boy's here https://futurism.com/the-quantum-internet-is-just-a-decade-away-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ then Nothing is Safe.

thanks for your comment. Yes I follow D-WAVE a quantum computing company in B.C. Canada . The world is changing faster then it ever has -

question is: Can our Monkey Brains keep up with it?

D-WAVE is kind of a half way point to get something working faster, still pretty awesome though.

As for the monkey brain thing....yeah we got some interesting time's ahead that's for sure.