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Hey STEEMERS - it's been quite the ride despite being still so early in the story for our favourite PRIVATE cryptocurrency DigiByte.

As of this post, take a look at this chart:

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.08.51 PM.png

Could we re-test this crypto's all time high of just over 6 cents back in the middle of June'17?

Any chart guys out there willing to give us a read?

This is a solid increase today of over 14% !

Please comment with any due diligence research you may have on this crypto - let's start a decent thread for the newbies.

Here's a good video just posted for today's price action:


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thanks so much - Just love STEEMIT so far :)

thank you for following me in advance. i will upvote and comment on your every post if you do the same we both are new on steemit.if it works for you let me know just reply this post

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