EXODE game now sprinting for launch!

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Hello all,

There is no place for the past now, not even a line; because there is so much to share!

And now I will exclusively speak about EXODE: your next-gen-blockchain space colonization game.

This is a post which is also on PeakD ; I don't plan to double post always, posts are first written there but I see people need time to catch up so I am glad to serve the post here too. But you may follow me there!

We have only one week left to program so much, but also, to share so much with you!


This is a bit later

As mentioned in our Discord, and newsletter, we have decided to give some time for the new events to settle. So much happened, for so many people, our new blockchain must reply to so many requests already and we did not want anyone left behind.

So we have pushed presale to March 29th, giving it one more week.
If you have come to our website, please make sure to refresh it!

But this will be so much better!

Let's congratulate our community for keeping up through this week full of news. Just like people suggesting keeping a low entry price, at 5 USD, for our next presale; with current crisis, it makes real sense for us to drop the price and allow a low fee to join us.

So now, we have one full week to explore EXODE together ; before EXODE comes to presale.

You will learn what is in your future packs.
You will learn more about what rewards there is to gain.
You will see our roadmap.
Learn about the indie team too, and more.

There is no director of communications in the team - it shows, maybe :-) - but only the indie me talking to the awesome you, and since I am programming stuff too, I may miss a few ticks in my posts.

But here's the thing: EXODE is something big, and something I will make you love.

It won't start big, it's not Star Citizen, but it will start special. I will look for that sweet spot in you.

We'll find your sweet spot!

You love music? We got that. And also, even better, in our video.
You love space? We throw you into it.
You love deep strategy? There is it.
You love yelling at your crew? That will be possible.
You want a game simple to play, but with depth to explore? now that's EXODE.
You want to earn money by investing early and playing? now that's our beloved blockchain-powered-EXODE.

I remember, when I was 8 years old - I was a programmer already.
Because no one told me not to do it!

I was making a game about starships. Ok, correction: a text-based game about starships. It had warp drive, phasers and space exploration. I copied the program but it had a native bug. So I had to reread all of it and understand what I was writing.

By fixing it, I became a programmer that day!

The point being, I began with Starships. I know starships. I love them. And I will make you love them too :D

You'll get shields, missiles, sneaking technology, radar detection, ship components. You'll get crew, you'll get citizens just like that Battlestar Galactica-vide when they flee the Cylons, you'll get fear, you'll get passion.

And you'll get collectible cards.
And even more, the alpha ones.

The Origins cards that no one can get later.
A combat frigate, a Navy Lieutenant, a scientist, and a people leader.
Setups for games that only alpha players can enjoy.

And a nice fit of these cards, with a fine protected market only for launch cards, and another supply market with the player-produced-resources; so nothing touches the value of cards so badly.

Also, there will be no bot. Oh, I know about bots. I can even program graphic-mouse-manipulating bots, so I know. And if we don't want them, we won't have them. And no flattening-player-coming-from-nowhere-to-erase-your-base, too. I happen to hate that too.

So, are you with me?
If so, please know that we are going for a nice week of news.

Next news tomorrow Pilots!
Enjoy your saturday, enjoy family and life, and soon... you will enjoy EXODE!


And no flattening-player-coming-from-nowhere-to-erase-your-base, too. I happen to hate that too.

This is one of my upsets with nextColony.. (and DrugWars fro that matter too)

if you start late you can never catch up..

looking forward to checking it out!!

@elindos waiting for the game egarly