EXODE presale this Sunday will accept Steem and Hive coins!

in #steemlast year (edited)

We polled our community today and I am very proud to say that, with all in favor, they voted to accept Steem wallets in our next presale which begins this Sunday, March 29th.

To me, this is an important message.

I have seen users become split with the latest events. Creators going (edit: for good and justified reasons), some users feeling left behind (edit: because it happened so fast!).

All joined together in support of the new space game!

Allowing steem wallets was not something I could announce before.

But meanwhile I have seen an outstanding, impressive support from the steem and hive communities to the EXODE game.

It is thanks to you all that the proposition got to our Discord.

And then all were of course in favor. You all have a Hive account already, automatically. Empowering it with EXODE assets and cards can be done from STEEM or HIVE coins. So far EXODE was not announced by HIVE officials and forwarded except by us to the HIVE network.

This also removes a risk of splitting users even more and eases the process of joining.
Right now, what is important is to be together again, enjoying a great space trip!

More players accepted is of course good for EXODE and will make the game even better. And I think we got enough pressuring and splitting events already.

So STEEM coins will be accepted together with HIVE coins, for a limited duration.

Also, remember that EXODE entry packs start at 5 USD, and boosters at 2 USD.

Please note that EXODE is powered by the HIVE blockchain so your Hive accounts will be the ones to receive packs and starters. We heartily support all players, but we refuse the new centralized environment.

If you don't know what EXODE is about, then come to see this!

Or visit our website - it opens this Sunday. You may also have a look at our wiki, or just sit down with a good coffee and get a tour of EXODE's vision thanks to our Game Manifesto.


Good decision and kudos for staying non-partisan.