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RE: What is your evaluation regarding the current situation ?

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Thank you for this post, and also to the commenters below.

I have been on STEEM for one year only and the post and comments are rich in information for me. I have been catching up for one week about the TronTakeOver. Some comments here really help me catch up.

One week ago I discovered I had been "stupidly late" about the one currency I had digital assets into.
Before the take over, I did not know things like this were even possible.

The community reaction to all this made me highly motivated for STEEM. I am part of the new game developers who knew nothing about Steem one year ago, and came to Steem thanks to Splinterlands.

I am confident it will rise and am really willing to contribute projects to it.

Even if the Steem currency went below what it was years before, the reaction inspired some people. I don't exactly understand why many projects did not attract so many people outside Steem, but I will be trying to. I think it proves that the community is inspiring. To me it sent a very strong signal.

I know I am some kind of enthusiast but there are good things to this community, and these good things were built over time thanks to so many people.

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