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RE: Different teams with different goals for the future of Steem

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Hello @soryrosa , I wanted to thank you for this post, because it speaks the truth with all situation observed.

If STEEM had a success, I believe it was thanks to its community and the people within the community who felt inspired enough to create something, some new service to the community.

I, for one, observe in the situations you described above, that some moves are political, whereas others are "from the heart". Not from the ego, but inspired by the will of removing "ill intent" from the chain and be clean of political power.

Now, I don't think anything "absolutely bad" of a given team, I think we are among contributors, creators, innovative entrepreneurs in all this. Sun disregarded answering to the requests of the community early one and made some very bad moves. I think he had some chance to fix this but could not, it went too badly. Yet all these people could be people I admire (well, minus some mistakes I disapprove strongly).

However, there is political power on one side, joined by people betraying the ones who did so much service, and this is something... I don't know, I feel it's bad. Like, absolutely bad.

What is important when something bad happens is the degree of resistance you put against it. This is what can define an "equilibrium", a "balance", making it so that "bad moves" are costly, so they are not scalable and we have some "great places of freedom". In STEEM the balance will be hard to maintain after this event. This event is the show of resistance.

I have been using STEEM "only" for one year. I used the services that all others made, which have low cost. I have seen the steemit employees resign in just a few days. I stand with the ones who made all these services because I already know what their heart is made of.

This is how I resist, and help to define a rightful balance, where "bad moves" are costly. I am joining HIVE with my project because this is how resistance can be shown by human people.