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RE: Steemjet Roadmap and Official Steemjet Records Logo entry post (5000 steem in prizes) – and NEW ART CONTEST (dimimp the donkey 1000 steem in prizes)

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Dimimp I want to be among the four (4) sf1 members that will be going to Poland because I have an app that I am going to present on behalf of steemjet.

I have been working on this app for months now and I will be very happy if you give me the chance to present the app in Poland.

The name of the app is called Smartexchange.
It is going to be an app for exchange of Smart media tokens(smts).

That is one of the reasons @deandaniel also recommended me on his comment

Check it up here

I have my Visa and all my document very much ready
Waiting for your approval and funding to go to Poland and Present this Project for steemjet.

Thank you


you missed the cut but I made you a special offer

@peepey and @empato365 missed the cut by a couple hours but I am offering you both 1000 each if you agree to attend Steem Fest.

Yeah thank you. I saw the offer and I accepted on that Post. I hope you don't mind me replying you here too?

I accept to go for steemfest3 in Poland.

Thank you very much

cool thanks man!

For me
@empato365 is one of the best SF1 I've meet on steemjet

When he had a delegation (that was before he cashed out) he usually upvote me and all the new people i brought to steemit and steemjet in order to make them happy and encourage them to stay on steemit and learn. Even when he does not really know us, he was very nice to me and my friends

He was the one who taught most of us what steemjet is all about

So I think it will be very nice if you also a send empato365 to Poland


I have never had the chance to join your spaceforce. Applied but not seen but if u can consider me

I would love to join in atleast SF3 or SF2. As you wish my friend.

I am a professional Photographer and I know steeemjet has a photography department.

Please hire me too.

I would really love to me among the two SF7 members that will be going to Poland.

@dimimp please do not leave me behind.
I really want to be in Poland too for the steemfest.

you missed the cut just by a couplel hours


I am also in SF7

And I would really love to go to Poland too but please

I have a few questions

  • how many people are you sending totally to Poland?

  • The Place you said four people in SF1, SF2, SF3 even at SF4, SF5 does it mean

You will send four people each from these space forces? Aside the gutzygwin lordjames and deandaniel and also the people in the 3k steem category?

  • will the amount of steem you send be enough to take them to Poland or it is just as a reward for agreeing to go to Poland?

maybe next time, you just missed the cut this time

A reward fofr going to poland that may or may not cover the travel costs depending on the price of steem and weather or not you fly 1st class,

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