Super8BallClub: Multiplayer-Based Pool On STEEM Blockchain!

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I'm always motivated to represent a good project when I spot one & don't mind throwing some promo in. :)

I definitely feel this game has a great potential for mass adoption considering the simplicity to it & the big opportunities when it comes to earning crypto for playing it.

Feel like challenging me? I'm always up for it and you can reach me in game @enjoyingpool or hmu on Discord @enjoyinglife#0655

If you want to read the detailed introduction post from the founder, make sure to visit this link:

The app is available to download here:

Super8BallClub Discord can be found here:

I wish you exciting times while playing a video-game against fellow Steemians & earning some crypto for it. There isn't much better combinations than that :)

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I like your initiative bro!

Yes we need to spread the good project to our steem community and vice-versa

Thank you Nathan :) I fully agree with you. It is in all of us best interests to launch projects like these to the masses as we are the stakeholders :)

There is something wrong with IPFS on DTube I reckon and I can't watch any video but I love playing pool and I have done my registration. Activated my account and also I gave your id as referral ;)

Thanks a lot for joining us and welcome to Super 8 Ball Club. I hope you enjoy your stay there.

Thank you for helping us spreading the word of this project and for your honest review. We really appreciate that and we hope that others would consider helping us in that goal too.

Just a little correction, your in-game name will also be the same as your STEEM username. The tracking name that you choose is just for verification. Upon successful verification, we'll edit your name to match your STEEM username.

If you need anything, feel free to contact us on Discord.

Have a nice day!

What a proactive friend, good video, good initiative. You are a success