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RE: Introducing MIRA

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Awesome! Decentralisation and lowering of the costs of the full nodes are extremely important.

Is it possible to say by how much this first implementation of Mira will lower the RAM costs?


Now can we get someone to just setup a microsoft visual studio stub project with all the npm dependcies setup...

It would open up the world to working with corporate types, and small businesses using Viual Studio, and Sharepoint.

Not to mention connection to any database in the worldthrought dao and odbc.....

it's a no brainer!!!!

It should take a couple of hours if we got 2 people together:
a Programmer familar Microfoft Studio and npm,
a Programmer or Admin with knowlegable of the depencies to build steemdb, steem and steem/js library and tutorials

A simple step by step with screen snaps tutorial post or a video could be done!

I know at least 10 programmers who would start programming on Steem if that was available....

I assume that the end result would be more nodes coming on line!


I love this idea.


I just got unanimous agreement from all the
Members of the Steeminati
(that responded to my text)

This is a worthy addition to the Steem Community....

We will be putting up a post up with a BOUNTY reward for a couple of fellow techies to do it!!!!!
It will come out of the Steeminati group pool!

Once verified, The files will will be put on Github and shared with the community.....



if you get it from someone, can we discuss having my license connect to whatever selling sources are on steem?

I think gamebrain could use Steem as a venue.....

yes yes yes, I could use it in my class, I'm learning VBA right now....
I could use the reports in accress or excel, and bring threads into powerpoint!!!!

That's a great idea!!!!

I just called rich on this comment ...I bet he chimes in with in 5

What is the main difference between VBA and VSCode? I remember the Microsoft CEO in the CNBC interview about Microsoft purchasing Github,

he states that VSCode is the open source version of VBA, so I assume you must pay for VBA, and I also assume, you might not have access to some of the dependency extensions available to the Open SOurce users. These comments are recent, but there are some pretty legit Mark Down extensions that come very very close to Steemit's style, but I do agree wtith @cyruss33.


Decentralized is the first step.
Distributed is the best way to keep it secure and running without having some big guys playing their game.

Thanks for the visualisation.

i don't like black boxes.

microsoft is a black box, willing to buy your individual text messages from facebook.

But is Microsoft decentralized enough?

GitLab is git without GitHub and remains independent. Many have moved from GitHub to GitLab due to Microsoft's acquisition of it. Maybe this would be something to consider?

Yes. We should run from Microsoft.

could be the first part of a big game changer in securing the network.

I was thinking the same thing, security is the only thing I take more serious than comedy lol! "Truce"

100% with you there. I do have some questions about how secure this is against Russian hackers though. It would also allow me to put that server I have sitting in my spare bathroom to use and maybe open up a witness node.

Do it! I would love to see your witness campaign - perhaps it would be entertaining as a run up to 2020?

well, from what i hear from the news that trickles down to the hinterland here that might not even be such a far-fetched notion atm ... at the risk of #offtopic on post , i think they're just letting him run into his own demise. The best thing for them do , lol, way better than impeachment since that would mean they're the opposing party and get his quite persistent following on their necks ...

as for the rocksdb thing ... i'm the type o' guy to see it when it gets there ... @goldmanmorgan / @tyrnannoght doesnt really need an SMT as its "virtual" or simulated or whatever you wanna call it (i think technically that could mean i could port it to any chain that allows freebie points and coin to be gathered in the end (by 2050 or so lol) since its only dependent on incoming vote values which could be calculated from any give set (hear me talk lol, like a boss)


i always like


... looking forward to it but hoping it doesnt just lead to another zound of currencies dispersing the total capital from those already in existence, so

it's up to the weirdo's and the freaks to make

creative use of resources then, can we rank-amateurs hack it in a way none of the scholars thought of (as in "hack it" ... slang for do it , please dont mis-understand :))

sincerely ,


the site is down btw, its a toy bedroom server like ms. Clinton talks about and i had some serious poking i saw in my logfiles so its offline (the front anyway, the autovoters still run)
yay for steemchain ! good to see no one is throwing in the towel

As long as we are around poking, all creative ideas count bonus points. Like you said, Steem is mostly an environment for deployment!

that's a nice way of saying it ... it doesn't present itself like that , though :) but it IS , i agree, a fabulous new thing to play with hahah. Compared to any kind of hybrid before i havent gotten this creative in years.
The problem there, as it is presented too, is that a lot of people see "creativity" in very narrow, small kinds of ways , you know ?

Like my old man would say only Bach and Mozart is music (so to speak, because he like the stones and the beatles too and stuff like that and more, but you know what i'm getting at, i suppose)
You write some back-end that's pages long for a front-end that doesn't even fill out half a page and "its not writing" ... therefor it is not

its that kind of ancient greek logic that often gets on my system :p

despite all the kindergarten politics making it look like real elected parliament on top is real elected parliament on top and the content fasciscm, making it look like the government doesn't mind hiring legalized mafia as long as they're in place getting the real money.

Despite all that, it's STILL the demoscene of blockchain. I wouldn't even know where to do this with ETH or TRON or EOS, to name but three of the ones who thought themselves big before the great price war against the vampires and the old gold king, because that are all places you have to buy in ... at least here they pretend you can come in without money lol.

And afaik flixxo doesnt HAVE any kind of api as they don't even have their own blockchain and they're completely hybrid, so that's just a platform in essence where you can't get creative in anything but the thing that's already static by the time you upload (whereas i consider my little baby @tyrnannoght to be slowly growing into something truly dynamic, for instance, as it ever-changes by itself ...)
The upcoming (read : promise by Basic Attention Token (BAT - brave browser) is for now still just that : a promise, but that will be nothing more than getting tokens to give tokens out, which is GOOD , because at least you GET some lol, where i think , like flixxo it should also be a bit more dynamic like : if all you do is watch ads and never buy, the amount you get should be less. But they're REALLY slow in development, for instance i got like ... last time i checked 165 videos seeding, must be close to 200 now but the reward-by-seed number has been stuck at the same for a long time now and i can't even scroll down in they UI/client to see the bottom of the list ... for example hahah, on the other hand the speed at which they're moderating is increasing, it doesn't take a month or more anymore to get a video accepted.

other than that ... despite the governments cracking down on ICO's to protect the gullible from themselves (after they asked for it, after they got too greedy and their gullibility got them ripped off) most of it is still marketeers trying to sell hot air or stuff they don't have yet for a wad of cash. All those "crypto-anarchists" either don't make much noise or are long bored since the crypto-capitalists took over.

Other than steemit , bat and flixx i can't really think of anything i checked out that i would even sign up for as its almost all "pay us first so we can next year "maybe" get you a fabulous new system that's an old system with a new name"

and then some ... i probably used up the internet again with the reply but as you see, i still do reply even if its a month ago, maybe i'll even catch up as i'm not talking much lately


Great reply! And I agree - for me steem is the blockchain that I use.

People often don't want what they ask for, and when they get it they deny ever wanting it ;p In the end it is up to us to create the future - the rest are just speculating about the future!

Please don't kill me.

Nobody can kill you, if you are distributed ;-)

Not only a big game changer, but would be one which will make new path to even other such currencies.
And the best part would be that the user like me and you will get benefits.

wasup Truce my big black succesful nigga for real

 3 years ago (edited)

Thanks @exyle!

While a lot of work on this has already been completed, it will be much easier to definitively answer that question after we get a little bit closer to completion.

The question is why wasn't this done last year, but better late than never. Steem really needs this.

Because people were to busy thinking what kinda color they want there lambo to be 😂😂😂

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I support 100% with you there. My questions is about how secure this is against Russian hackers though. It would also allow me to put that server I have sitting in my spare bathroom to use and maybe open up a witness node.

Agreed, it is very Oatmeal Awesome.

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