Steem Moves Up In Chinese Crypto Ranking!

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China’s Center for Information Industry Development has been ranking cryptocurrencies for the past year. This is an index that is sponsored by the Chinese government and ranks public blockchains after analysing three major criteria namely: innovation, technology as well as application.

It's not a big deal but it's interesting to note a few things that's changed in the past year. Starting in May 2018 this index has regularly released it's report. Overtime there have been changes with a few cryptocurrencies moving up and others moving down the rankings.

By July 2018 the report had included big names such as EOS and for the past year EOS has managed to stay in the number one spot!

Steem was in #7 position at the time as you can see in the screenshot. Ethereum was in #2 while Bitcoin was #16.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 2.02.32 PM.png

Now things are slightly different, EOS is still at #1, Steem is #4, Ethereum dropped to #3 while Bitcoin moved upto #12 as per their latest report.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 2.07.15 PM.png

China is a big market for emerging technologies and many Chinese businesses have explored using blockchain technologies in recent times.

Steem moving up this ranking has no direct impact on it's price or adoption but it does indicate a positive sentiment towards it. Infact, as an underrated blockchain tech we have a long way to go before mainstream adoption of our blockchain.

From a marketing standpoint there's not much one can do but to highlight these facts in our crypto circles. Get people to warm up even more than they have already towards Steem. More than 35 projects have been evaluated so far and it's great to see Steem make the cut and rise up the ranks. Wouldn't we want to see it at #1 someday? I sure do!

You can find more addition details on the official CCID website here.

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I looked at another Chinese chart and Steem was the 4th most important BlockChain.

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Awesome. That is a good news for all of us. Thanks for sharing @firepower

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I'm quite pleased to see Steem move up the ranks. It's good to see a government body out there ranking our blockchain with some seriousness.

Ooh, we slid up over Lisk!

What is lisk?

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Lisk is one of the best projects out there (my opinion)!!

Lisk is a blockchain application platform, and also a cryptocurrency.
Currently (2019.05.30, 08:45 CEST) 1 Lisk (LSK) is worth $2.20 USD.

Whats so good about it?
See no lisk apps

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The thing that disturbs me the most is the low applicability that STEEM is always ranked under... But progress is progress and I´ll take as a good sign.

Yes. Same thoughts here.

Anytime that the STEEM name is being featured it is good news. We just need to see it more often to highlight the possibilities that we have here.

I agree. The Steem blockchain have a lot of possibilities/opportunities.
There are already multiple video games (for example Steem Monsters/Splinterlands, DrugWars, SteemNova, NextColony, SteemGar), forums (for example TokenBB), poll websites (for example dPoll), video/audio sharing websites (for example DTube, DSound), Q&A (Questions and Answers) website (Musing), open-source contributions rewarding project (Utopian), and other things on the Steem blockchain, and these things (including the Steem blockchain itself) are constantly developing.
If anyone is interested, then you can check more info about Steem related projects in general on the following link:
Steem Projects.

Steem will be very strong very soon, with costs shortage and stability price we got into accumulation phase where investors can buy and at least double the price to September